Not Even His Daughter Noticed He’d Had Hair Restoration Surgery


Mike, a resident of Alpharetta, Georgia, first noticed his hair was thinning in his early 20s. And it bothered him from the beginning.

“I worked out and I was pretty fit, but it bothered me that I was losing my hair,” he says. “I would rather have had hair than be bald.”

In college, Mike permed his hair to make it look fuller. That worked for a while but as he got older and his hair loss progressed, the perm stopped working so well.

“I had my first hair restoration procedure in my mid-30s,” says Mike.


Mike’s Experience

“I went in for a consultation, and what I got was a high-pressure sales pitch,” he said. “The salesperson tries to sign you up for the most expensive procedure possible, and then they try to sell you all these other products.”

Mike was a bit uneasy with the sales pitch, but he was desperate to reverse his hair loss, so he signed up anyway.

The procedure he got was a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). With this procedure, the physician surgically removes a strip of scalp with healthy hair growth, then harvests the follicles to re-implant in thinning areas.This procedure was once at the forefront of hair restoration technology. But it’s quite invasive, with a long and painful recovery. It’s also not subtle – it requires the patient to shave their head, and produces a telltale linear scar.

It took Mike a while to recover from the procedure. And when his new hair grew in, he didn’t like the results. “It was thicker and fuller than the rest of my natural hair, and it looked really unnatural,” Mike says. “People could tell I had a ‘hair plug.’”

Still, it took years for Mike to consider a second procedure.

During that time, the field of hair restoration advanced, and there were other possibilities available that produce more natural results, without the scarring or the long recovery time.


When Mike sat down with Dr. Danyo, he was struck by the difference between this experience and the last time he’d had hair restoration surgery.

“Dr. Danyo is just one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met,” Mike says. “He didn’t try to sell me on anything. He spent a lot of time with me, answered all my questions and made me feel really comfortable.”

Dr. Danyo also evaluated Mike’s existing hair restoration, including the scarring and the overly thick hair implanted in the thinning area. He suggested breaking up the implanted hair so that it blended better with Mike’s existing hair.

“The procedure was really easy compared with what it was like the first time,” Mike says. “You show up in comfortable clothes — sweats and a button-down so you don’t have to pull a shirt over your head. Dr. Danyo’s staff was extremely attentive — they even brought me lunch. And of course Dr. Danyo did the whole procedure himself.”

After his last experience, Mike was expecting there would be at least some recovery time. But to his surprise, his recovery was nearly painless, he didn’t even have to take Tylenol. The day after, he was feeling well enough to take a five-hour drive to inspect some property.

In all, Mike’s recovery time was practically nonexistent and that was ideal, because he didn’t want to broadcast that he’d had hair restoration surgery.

“I own a small business, and it’s hard to take time off,” Mike says. “I’m also a husband and father, and I’ve lived in the same small town for most of my adult life.”

For all those reasons, Mike figured it wouldn’t be easy to conceal that he’d had the procedure.


However, when Mike returned home, he found that nobody noticed he’d had the procedure. Not his employees, his friends, or even his kids. Only his wife knew but he’d discussed it with her from the beginning.

“My daughter did ask if dad did something with his hair,” Mike says, laughing. “My wife just played it off that I was taking ‘hair vitamins.’ And my daughter believed it!”

“I’d say that the procedure is worth it if you have thinning hair,” Mike adds. “Dr. Danyo really went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable. I couldn’t be happier that I chose him.” 

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