4 Reasons to Choose Shaveless Hair Restoration

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Hair restoration can feel like a big undertaking, and in the past, only the brave were willing to undergo what was often a painful and unsightly procedure of hair transplants. Typical hair restoration methods required the patient to shave all or part of their head, and this can be a deal breaker for those who deal with the public in their day-to-day life. Thankfully, this is a problem of the past. Doctors are now able to do hair transplants using Shaveless FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction), a more precise method of hair restoration. Here are four reasons that a this method of hair transplant might be right for you.

Shaving your head is not an option

For many people who seek out hair restoration, shaving their entire head is not an option. This includes women who would prefer not to be bald or people with scars on their scalps from previous hair restoration procedures. Changing the length of your hair can be a big commitment, especially if you have a job dealing with the public in any way. By choosing a shaveless method for your hair transplant, you won’t have to worry about shaving any part of your head. In this procedure, your existing hair follicles hide the new site of transplant.

You prefer a minimally-invasive procedure

We are entering a new era, where the days of super-invasive, painful surgeries to reverse hair loss are no longer the only choice. Shaveless FUE involves very little pain and is an easy process that leaves minimal scarring. After a week of healing, you should be able to return to your doctor for a checkup with very little discomfort.

You don’t have extra down time to recover

Most people don’t have extra time to just sit around and heal. Even if you’re able to get time off of work, there are still many, many obligations that make it difficult to take the time needed to heal from a more invasive procedure. If you’ve been putting off hair restoration because you don’t have time, shaveless hair restoration is perfect for you. Because it’s minimally-invasive, you’ll be able to return to your normal life almost immediately.

You would prefer to keep your hair restoration a personal issue

One of the most compelling benefits of Shaveless FUE is that it’s discreet. Because it involves harvesting hairs from a thick donor site and moving them to areas in need, it’s very difficult to tell that any hair has been removed. Because the recovery time is so short and leaves very little visible scarring, once the recovery period is over, no one will know that you’ve had hair restoration work done, unless you tell them.

Shaveless hair restoration is a wonderful alternative to traditional methods of hair transplant. Thanks to the advances in hair transplantation, you’ll be able to get the hair you want, easier than ever.