55+ Lifestyle Expo

Man and Woman chattering at a Expo. With text*NAHR TABLE AT 55+ lIFESTYE EXPO

Every year, Appen Media puts on a fantastic event for the 55 and older crowd. We were very excited to be a part of the program this year. Dr. Danyo gave his presentation this year on the possibilities of hair restoration. Over 50 Million people suffer from some form of hair loss. Of those that do, only .1% ever seek treatment. There is a huge education gap when it comes to knowledge of treatments. Many people still think that plugs are the standard and the only option is the “doll hair” look.

North Atlanta Hair Restoration offers state-of-the-art hair restoration surgery and associated services. Here is a sample of our current offerings:

  • Hair Transplant

    – We are one of the few clinics in Georgia that offers Shave-less FUE. This procedure is a one-by-one harvest and transplant procedure that gives permanent results without shaving any part of your head, or leaving a linear scar. We are seeing fantastic, long-lasting results with this procedure.

  • PRP with ACell

    – An injection that uses your body’s own cells. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is rich in proteins, growth factors, and cytokines. By itself, it is a powerful agent of regrowth and healing. ACell is a natural biological material that acts as a booster to PRP. Anecdotal evidence is showing greater efficacy when PRP and ACell are used together.

  • Scalp Micropigmentation

    – A medical grade tatoo procedure. The ink is matched to your hair and creates the illusion of thicker hair, as it masks the flesh color of your scalp.

  • Laser Light Therapy

    – By increasing blood flow to the area, our laser light caps promote regrowth to a thinning area. This therapy is a great addition to PRP injections.

Melissa and Jordan did a fantastic job staffing our table at the event and educating the visitors about the wonderful success we are seeing at NAHR. If you stopped by, we appreciate your attention. We would love to see you for a tour of our spa-like facility, or a free consultation.