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Your journey begins with an initial consultation by our physician and clinical staff.  A virtual consult can be completed by filling out the contact form and joining our secure and HIPAA compliant contact portal called Klara prior to your visit.  After joining Klara, you can send pictures and information to allow Dr. Danyo or a staff member to review and then quickly respond back.

  1. A thorough medical history and scalp/hair analysis is completed. This part of the consultation is important to rule out certain types of balding patterns and alopecia that may require further medical laboratory work-up or dermatology referral
  2. We determine specific short-term and long-term goals based on the degree of balding, family history, rate of balding and areas involved.
  3. Measurements are made to determine the number of potential hair follicle grafts required and also discuss potential future hair loss scenarios that may impact the type of medical and/or surgical treatments recommended.
  4. The potential donor site from the back and sides of the head is analyzed through video and hair densitometry devices to determine the number of lifetime grafts available - the typical life time limit of donor hair is 6000 follicular grafts, but may range from 4000 to 8000.
  5. Proposed frontal hairlines and crown reconstructions are drawn out on your head using an erasable marker to provide a visual of potential hair restoration surgery. The areas are then measured to determine graft counts needed to fill in the balding areas.
  6. Pictures are obtained of the proposed hairlines and crown reconstructions and also as a baseline to measure progress.
  7. We answer questions and provide you with specific information concerning recommended medical and/or surgical hair restoration techniques.
  8. Now it's time to get started!

After ruling out conditions that may need further workup, most individuals fall into the category of androgenic alopecia, especially in men. The process of balding continues if steps are not taken to stem the tide. This is especially true in those with a strong family history or rapid hair loss at a young age. A combination of medical management and surgical restoration offers the best chance to maintain what is still left and restore what is lost.

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All consultations are done by Dr. Danyo personally. You will never be passed on to medical techs.