About Us


What Makes Us Unique:

  • You work directly with Dr. Danyo for all aspects of care, with support from our knowledgeable medical staff.
  • We are patient focused, not sales focused. We work within your situation and offer a broad scope of services.
  • We have perfected cutting-edge techniques like the Shave-less FUE and Stem Cell therapies which allow for immediate return to work and social activities.
  • Our approach utilizes small punches for extraction and Implanter Pens for graft placement - healing is quick with less pain.

Now let’s get started! Together, let’s maintain the hair you have, and restore the hair you have lost!

Our facility: North Atlanta Hair Restoration is located in the Watercrest plaza just north of downtown Alpharetta. Our facility is a modern, state of the art medical office providing a comfortable, private, spa-like atmosphere. Our team consists of experienced professionals committed to ensuring a pleasant experience with optimal results. All of our procedures are completed in this office along with consultations and post-operative followup.

Our Mission: We are constantly educating ourselves, offering new treatment options and refining our approach. This is born from our commitment to excellence and our patient-centered approach. It has allowed us to be more perceptive about our patient's expectations and to create an approach that is unique in the industry. We recognize what our clients desire - minimal pain during and after the procedure, confidentiality about the procedure ever being completed (even family members), quick healing and minimal downtime. They also desire a connection with the physician performing the procedure and take comfort in our physician-driven approach.

We are proud to provide hair restoration services for the residents of Alpharetta, Cumming, John's Creek, Lawrenceville, Marietta, Roswell, Suwanee and Atlanta.

Recent Advances


Hair restoration has come a long way over the past 10 years. With the advent of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and noninvasive procedures including Platelet Rich Plasma/ACell injection therapy and laser light therapy, individuals seeking to restore their hair now have solutions that are natural and long term. Gone are the days of visible plugs, unnatural looks and treatment plans that are unaffordable. Recent advances in hair restoration now make it possible to undergo these modern procedures in a private and discreet manner, with minimal evidence that hair restoration was completed.  In addition, our techniques allow for a quick return to work, sporting and social activities so that there is a minimal disruption to ones active life-style.