A Personal Touch

North Atlanta Hair Restoration is dedicated to providing a full service approach to hair restoration.  USING MODERN MEDICAL AND SURGICAL TECHNIQUES, OUR APPROACH IS INDIVIDUALIZED TO MEET YOUR CURRENT AND LONG-TERM NEEDS. Hair restoration is not what it used to be.  We are able to create a natural look- one that is appealing, age appropriate and long-term.

We feel that the evaluation and treatment of patients should be based on the decision between a physician and the patient.  Dr. Danyo is one of the only hair transplant physicians solely dedicated to providing physician-performed Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).  He individually extracts and places each graft with the assistance of his highly trained technicians.  No technicians extract or place grafts.

Hair transplant and injection therapy should be completed by a physician including the extraction and placement of follicle grafts during hair transplantation.  Since you have full access to the physician who will performing the hair transplantation or injection therapy, your treatment plan will be highly specific to your exact needs.