I never imagined I would be a candidate for hair replacement or that I would consider having the procedure. I have lived with a large bald spot on the center of my head for so many years I just tolerated the signs of aging. I jokingly told my friends I should wear a Jewish skullcap to cover it but I am not that religious. Then I met Dr. Danyo and Joanne. They were very professional, explained all the details of the procedure and reassured me throughout. There was minimal pain during the process and some discomfort for a week or two but the outcome is amazing. My hairdresser said I had better growth after one month than all the others she saw at three to six months! At six weeks I have a good amount of "peach fuzz" and Dr. Danyo says the growth is excellent. I look forward to a good head of hair and will save the skullcap for synagogue! Thanks.

Stuart H,

I have completed two shave-less FUE treatments with Dr. Danyo. I am very
pleased with this method, the related results and Dr. Danyo and his team's
professionalism. Both of my procedures were completed on Fridays and I was
able to return to work the following Tuesday. With the shave-less method, I
had no noticeable signs of the procedures. I give my highest recommendation
for Dr. Danyo and his shave-less method. I would urge others to speak to him
before considering other options like the strip method.

Phil E,

"I have no words to express my gratitude for Dr. Danyo.  He is a wonderful person and one of the best professionals that I have encountered.  I give special thanks for the training and advice that I received - they will be a corner stone of my medical practice in Bolivia.  I shall carry his thoughts and the education that I got from Dr. Danyo throughout my practice and my life. My friendship and gratitude will last for a lifetime."


Dr. Mauricio Morato, MD from Cochabamba, Bolivia

I had two strip procedures in the past which were painful to go through and both of them took a long time to heal.  I recently underwent a Shaveless FUE procedure with Dr. Danyo and the difference between the two was dramatic.   I was able to go right back into my social/work life and with minimal pain.  The healing this time was also quick and easy.  Immediately after the procedure, no one knew that I had even undergone hair transplant, unless I showed them.  I even went to my son’s baseball game the night of the procedure.  I strongly recommend the Shaveless FUE approach by Dr. Danyo and his team.

Greg B.,