Attainable New Year's Goals


Life change takes discipline and hard work…most of the time. Serious life change can happen with small shifts. Here are a few goals that you might actually find easy to stick to:


Ok, stay with me, here. Exercise has the worst New Year’s goal retention of all. It doesn’t have to. Instead of setting an aggressive goal of working out every day without fail or running a marathon, set a goal of doing one actual squat or very well-formed push-up. Do it once a day. If you concentrate on just doing one with excellence, you will find others just naturally follow. It is hard to hate something you have mastered. In fact, you mind find yourself loving it. But don’t think that far ahead. Just do one with excellence, every day.


It only takes one person to make a change no matter how small. You can be the one that sends ripples of positivity through your family and friends. When someone says or does something that would normally give offence, pause and see if you can come up with any reason why it might not be personal. Irritability can be caused by low blood sugar, bouts of mental illness, or just having an awful day. It doesn’t excuse the behavior, but understanding it might not be about you, can make it easier to forgive, show compassion, and move on with your day.


While some forms of insomnia are resistant to treatment, most of us can drastically improve our sleep quality. There is a lot of information on sleep hygiene available online. Those things, while helpful, take discipline. An easy way to improve the quality of your sleep is to start tracking it. Using an app like Sleep Cycle will allow you to track how long you are asleep and how great (or not so great) that sleep is. Every morning when you get up, you can see how you slept. Just by becoming more conscious of your sleep quality, you may find your sleep patterns stabilizing.


It doesn’t take a lot of discipline to pick up the phone, or click a button. That is all it takes to move in the direction of restoring your hair. Hair restoration has been known to increase confidence and reduce depressive feelings in some. North Atlanta Hair Restoration specializes in concealable hair restoration. We have options that allow you to return to work and social activities with a minimum of downtime. It is a large potential benefit that can start with one click. Let’s get started!