What is Shave-less FUE?


If you’ve been researching hair restoration techniques, chances are it’s come up: a method where healthy hair follicles are harvested from areas around the sides and back of the patient’s head, where the hair usually grows thicker, and reinserted into thinning areas.

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Is Gluten Causing Your Hair Loss?


Hair loss can be confusing and disorienting no matter what. But if your hair loss isn’t following the typical pattern for male pattern baldness — or if you’re a woman — it can be particularly baffling. Maybe it’s all the gluten you’re eating.

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Do You Do More For Others Than Yourself?

You’ve given so much. Many women fall into the trap of always putting others first. They let their own happiness fall to the wayside while they’re busy doing everything for everyone else. Is it because they are self-less creatures with big hearts and big dreams for those around them? They may be, but they also…

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What is Cryo T-shock?

Give Your Fat, Wrinkles, and Pain the Deep Freeze With Cryo T-Shock Do you watch your diet and work-out regularly, but your skin isn’t as “lump free” as you’d like? Do you suffer from chronic pain or have a recent sports injury? What if there was a treatment that felt good, “dissolved” fat, reduced the appearance…

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Can thinning hair cause depression?

Is Your Hair Loss Hurting You? Depression has many causes. Sometimes, the causes are biologically based, such as a lack of Serotonin. Other times, it caused by sudden, unforeseen circumstances, such as the death of a loved one. In other cases, the cause of depression can be a little harder to pin down, as it…

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What Causes Stigma?

Have you experienced stigma? Living in today’s world is tough. It seems that everybody is examined under a microscope these days. There is a lot of tension between “seemingly’ opposing groups of people. Closed-minded people dismiss different worldviews without asking themselves why they believe what they believe. A certain belief that society holds around a…

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Why is there stigma around hair restoration?

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What is hair restoration? Hair restoration can take many forms. When most people think of hair restoration, what they first think of is hair transplantation. This is a procedure that is done by removing the patient’s hair follicles from a particular part of their body, and is then placing them in the desired part of…

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4 Reasons to Choose Shaveless Hair Restoration

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Hair restoration can feel like a big undertaking, and in the past, only the brave were willing to undergo what was often a painful and unsightly procedure of hair transplants. Typical hair restoration methods required the patient to shave all or part of their head, and this can be a deal breaker for those who…

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