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Hair Transplants Done On-Site

Hair Transplants are usually done in one of two places, dedicated surgery rooms on-site at a practice, and ambulatory centers. There are benefits to both, but we have chosen on-site surgery rooms for our practice. We believe that it is the best solution for our patients and staff. Here are some of the benefits our…
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Is it Time for Eyebrow Transplants?

Your eyebrows frame the top of your face and enhance, or detract, from the appearance of your eyes. Your eyes are the most important feature of your face. They are the windows of the soul and the way most people first connect. Eye contact. Eyebrows that are too thin, or non-existent, can cause distraction and…
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Hair Plugs and New Transplantation Techniques

In the early days of hair restoration, the Multiple Unit of Hair Restoration, or MUT, was a revelation. In a time when wigs and toupees were the most common way to disguise thinning hair, MUT allowed doctors to graft a patient’s own hair into balding areas. Because the technology was not as advanced as it…
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Reasons NOT to get Hair Restoration

Hair restoration comes in many forms and has the potential to deliver many benefits beyond new hair growth. However, under certain circumstances, it isn’t the right move to make. The following are a few examples of when hair restoration is not the solution: You have an untreated medical condition that is causing your hair fall.…
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