Welcome to our gallery. Use the slider to view our patient transformations!

Welcome to our gallery. Use the slider to view our patient transformations!


“Shave-less FUE is Dr. Danyo’s specialty. He’s a master of concealment. On day one after the surgery, my kids could not see where the donor hair came from.”

– Patrick

"Great Surgeon. Great Staff. Dr. Danyo does all the work himself. He's a very meticulous physician and has an artist's eye. If you want top-quality and no sales BS, your search is over."

- Michael

"Best hair restoration doctor in the whole wide world. I've recommended Dr. Daniel to two of my friends. Both went there for hair restoration and are super happy. Thank you Dr. Daniel."

- Isan

“Dr. Danyo is FANTASTIC! If I hadn't gone to see him, I would have never gotten the answers that I did. And this was after years of seeing dermatologists, endocrinologists, etc. Highly recommend!”

– Elizabeth

“My expectations have been exceeded! The procedure went well and the recovery was very easy. Dr. Danyo's office followed up with me several times over the first week to make sure I was doing well.”

– George

“My 11-year-old son had been suffering from alopecia areata for the past 3 years, and now he can't stop looking in mirrors! The confidence he's gotten after being cared for by Dr. Danyo is readily apparent.”

– Linda

Results were very impressive. I’m about 9 months out from my hair transplantation... hair looks great and is a significant and obvious improvement in growth.”

– Nathan

“I had the Shave-less FUE on Friday and was back at work the next workday. A few months in and I am already experiencing results better than I was told to expect or even thought possible.”


“I've been very pleased with the results. I had a friend who didn't know that I had the procedure tell me 'you look younger every time I see you.' If you're considering a hair transplant, look no further.”

– Frank

North Atlanta Hair Restoration was a great experience. Dr. Danyo is clearly a leader in the field and does fantastic work. I have had two medium-sized procedures and each time I have had minimal pain, very quick healing, and great results. Thanks so much.