Best Self Atlanta Magazine: Common hair transplant questions and answers with Dr. Danyo

Common hair transplant questions and answers with Dr. Danyo

Question 1:  What is the most important factor when evaluating someone for hair transplant surgery?Answer:  The most important consideration for hair transplant surgery relates to framing the face, by restoring one’s hairline.  The concept is similar to looking at a framed portrait, only having the picture frame on the sides and bottom, with none on top – the missing portion of the picture frame stands out and looks out of place.  By restoring one’s hairline, the face now becomes the focal point within a newly restored frame.

Question 2: Am I too young for hair transplant surgery?
Answer:  I am cautious about performing hair transplant procedures on young, rapidly balding patients with a strong family history.  Early and aggressive hair transplant may produce an unnatural look years later.  Hair transplant should wait until after the balding process stabilizes, usually after age 30.  Nonsurgical options including Laser Light therapies, Platelet Rich Plasma injections and medications should be considered first.

Question 3:  Are transplanted hairs placed in balding areas permanent?
Answer:  Yes! Hairs grafted from the back of the head are genetically different from those in the balding areas.  The grafted hair follicles do not possess the gene expression for the DHT (Di-Hydro-Testosterone) receptor, which is the main cause for balding.  The transplanted hair follicles retain their same genetic properties after transplant and remain insensitive to the effects of DHT.  As a result, the transplanted hair follicles are permanent.

These answers were provided by Daniel A. Danyo, MD of North Atlanta Hair Restoration to Best Self Atlanta Magazine in February 2014. To learn more about how Daniel A. Danyo, MD and North Atlanta Hair Restoration can help you, please visit our corporate website and contact us today!