Can Bald be Beautiful?

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Society places a lot of pressure for us to conform to a fairly narrow beauty standard. As a provider in the cosmetic industry, we can sometimes be viewed as contributing to this problem. This is far from our mission. We unequivocally take a stand of support for everyone feeling good about themselves just as they are. If you have thinning hair, or no hair at all, not only are you not less than…you are fantastic!

What if you don’t feel fantastic?

For many people, their hair doesn’t perform a mere vanity function. It is a part of how they present themselves to others…a key part of their public identity. Studies show that losing one’s hair can have devastating effects on mood and stress levels. This can affect a person’s overall health.

Restoring what is lost

Almost all of us experience thinning hair at some point in life. It is one of life’s realities that we have in common. We all take the hair in the drain differently, though. Some of us just shave the old noggin and dig on how cool we look. Some of us die a little inside. For men, it can represent the loss of youth. For women, it can hit at the core of their femininity. When young people start losing their hair, it can make them feel different from their peers, in a way that causes suffering.

Bald IS beautiful, but so is a restored hairline

Being able to look in the mirror and see yourself the way you were can be one of the most healing experiences a person can create for themselves. If you love your bald head…we love it, too! But, if you don’t, we want you to know we can help. Our medical director, Daniel A. Danyo, M.D., is certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. He personally consults with all of the clinic’s patients and provides a medical assessment of their condition. Why not come in and see what we can do for you?