Conceal or Reveal

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Should You Tell Your Dates About Your Hair Restoration?

Dating is filled with awkward conversations. From idle chit-chat to sexual health disclosures, and everything in between, there are plenty of conversational landmines to navigate. Let’s not even think about the awkward silences. Some people have the added concern of whether to reveal they have had hair transplant surgery, or conceal it.

Should You Reveal It?

Hair transplant surgery is a medical procedure to correct a physical problem. It should carry around the same amount of stigma as taking cold medicine. We are moving towards that attitude, but there are still those in society that have a negative view of hair restoration. This may make revealing your procedure a little tricky.

Signs you should reveal it:

  1. You are confident and proud of your decision to take control of your hair loss.
  2. Total transparency is in your nature. You are already an open book.
  3. You have been seeing the same person for a while and he or she has commented positively on your improving hair situation.

Should You Conceal It?

Would you expect your date to reveal their reconstructive knee surgery? If not, there is no reason to feel like you MUST reveal your procedures. There is nothing wrong, shameful, or vain about correcting hair loss. It is your business and nobody else’s. Of course, there will come a time, if the relationship progresses, where you may want to share more of your background. But, there is no rush.

Signs you should conceal it:

  1. You have a high level of anxiety surrounding the entire topic.
  2. You haven’t established a base of trust with your potential partner.
  3. You believe your medical history, outside of sexual health, isn’t anybody else’s business.

With our Shave-less FUE concealable hair transplant, the choice to reveal or conceal is all yours. Since you don’t have to shave portions of your head, your return to work and social activities is much faster. Our medical director, Dr. Dan Danyo is present at all FUE consultations and can answer any questions you may have. Call or book now to see what we can do for you.