With Scalp Micropigmentation, There’s Nothing to Hide 

full-bearded man with a big hole earrings

by Tom Tortorici

Concealing a Hair Restoration Procedure – Part 3

Is your hair thinning on top? Is the part in your hair showing more scalp than you’d like? Men and women across America are reminded of their uncomfortable plight as they see less hair in the mirror, and more collecting around their shower drain.

They’d love to do something about the problem. But they’d hate anyone noticing that they’ve had had a hair transplant – or judging them for their supposed vanity. Funny thing is, many of the friends and co-workers they’re worried about may be fighting the same internal battle.

These days, hair transplants aren’t the only option.

Many folks are delighted to learn that recovery from a hair transplant no longer confines them to indefinite isolation. For example, the Shaveless FUE technique practiced by Daniel A. Danyo, M.D. is designed specifically to minimize any after-effects so people can quickly get back to work and their social life.

But what if you could get the appearance of a fuller head of hair with no after-effects at all? What if you could walk in for a low-impact procedure, then walk out looking better right away?

Welcome to Scalp Micropigmentation.

This approach to hair restoration doesn’t actually involve new hair. Instead, thousands of medical-grade tattoo dots are placed just below the outer layer of the scalp. These mimic actual hair follicles, and to the unaided eye, convey the overall appearance of more hair and less scalp.

Dr. Danyo skillfully controls variations in the depth, distribution, contour and pigment of the dots for a surprisingly realistic and natural ‘look’ of increased hair volume.

So many wish they had known about this sooner.

“People are always happy with the results,” the doctor says. “Since we use shades that fit with the hair color, the effect is subtle, but present. Others don’t notice what was done, but do notice that the person looks better.”

Before they leave, people are shown before-and-after photos of their scalp, and are amazed at the difference. “Women especially can be overwhelmed at the improvement, after years of worrying about how the loss in hair density made them look,” says Dr. Danyo.

What else do you need to know?

“It can take more than one Scalp Micropigmentation session to get the final effect the person wants,” Dr. Danyo says. “And the dots aren’t permanent, so the process should be repeated in three to five years.” He notes that the treatment is low-impact and relatively inexpensive, so that’s not an issue for most people.

Scalp Micropigmentation can also be used in conjunction with hair transplantation, as part of an overall treatment plan.

For fully bald men, Scalp Micropigmentaion can create a realistic, semi-permanent ‘shaved head look.’

And for those who have previously undergone ‘FUT’ hair transplants, the tiny dots can help conceal the remaining ‘strip scars.’

Call North Atlanta Hair Restoration to learn more about Scalp Micropigmentation, as well as another low-impact, no-artifact restoration treatment known as PRP.