Concealing a Hair Restoration Procedure

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Of Course You Don’t Want Anyone to Know

“At least eighty million people in the U.S. have hair loss,” says Daniel A. Danyo, M.D. “And most are uncomfortable about it. But last year only about 130 thousand did something about it.” Why wouldn’t more people want a fuller head of hair? “It’s a private decision; they don’t really want acquaintances or colleagues to see they’ve had work done, or to think they’re vain. And that’s understandable.”

“But many still think hair restoration is a big painful ordeal, with a long recovery period before they’re ‘presentable’ to society,” continues Dr. Danyo, founder and medical director of North Atlanta Hair Restoration. “But that just doesn’t have to be the case any more.”

Two approaches to hair transplantation

People tend to be familiar with the ‘FUT’ or Follicular Unit Transplant method, where a strip of scalp is surgically removed from the back or sides of the head, to ‘harvest’ grafts for transplanting into balding areas on top. But Dr. Danyo practices the newer ‘FUE’ or Follicular Unit Extraction method, which randomly extracts small groups of about four follicles at a time from the ‘donor’ area. The advantages are no ‘strip scar,’ and easier, quicker recovery.

The issue however, is that normally the head, or at least parts of it, need to get a ‘buzz cut’ before a FUE procedure, to make things easier for the person doing the work. That’s simply not an option for many people, who want to keep their secret safe as they quickly get back to their normal work and social life.

“It’s especially not an option for women, who don’t want any part of their head shaved,” says Dr. Danyo. “Yet we can do so much for women, building hair density at the part, and other areas where the scalp is starting to show.”

A smart, modern alternative emerges

To help resolve these natural concerns, North Atlanta Hair Restoration specializes in what is known as the Shaveless FUE. As its name implies, people who want more hair no longer have to shave their existing hair to get it. And no one does more to help folks get the most out this procedure than Dr. Danyo.

Although the Shaveless FUE option is a bit more complex and expensive, Dr. Danyo says that most of his clients choose it. As executives who have to keep up appearances at the office and on the road, they’re happy they can now take care of what they’ve been putting off. As might be expected, women are the most thrilled with this relatively new approach.

Only the random hairs that are actually being transplanted need to be cut – and those are easily concealed by the longer hair around them.

Ready to go in days instead of weeks

Dr. Danyo’s advanced methods, including pen implantation vs. scalpel cuts, help reduce the typical small scabs, bumps, redness and possible swelling after a hair transplant procedure. “For a Shaveless FUE, we tell people to take a two or three days for rest and healing afterward,” says Dr. Danyo. “But some go to work the next day.” For a Shaved FUE, he recommends taking a week or two off work.

“People have active lives,” observes Dr. Danyo. “We try to accommodate that. Plus most people are surprised at how clean their heads look when they walk out after a procedure. This takes more work, but we want them to feel good from day one about having made the right decision.”

Dr. Danyo knows that social and work issues are just as important as the actual procedure. He’s willing to go the extra mile, because he himself has undergone the experience of hair transplantation.

Additional ‘hidden’ hair restoration options

Dr. Danyo also offers Scalp Micropigmentation – tiny, random ‘tatoo dots’ that help fill in balding areas. By darkening the scalp overall, they give the appearance of more hair. You’ll walk out with a better appearance, and no tell-tale signs at all.

Another promising new technique that many people come to North Atlanta Hair Restoration is known as PRP. Natural growth factors from your own blood are inserted into the scalp to awaken dormant hair follicles and thicken individual strands, for adding volume to existing hair. And again, there are no visual artifacts for others to see.

Talk to the doctor, then decide for yourself

Dr. Danyo says that he hates for people to deny themselves the long-term benefits they really want, because of short-term concerns. No practice does more to help people remain confident throughout the process – and help keep those around them from knowing more than they should.

He’s happy to personally address concerns, questions, expectations and costs in an initial, confidential consult, leading to an individualized care plan that makes sense for you. If you’re like others who turn to Dr. Danyo for help, you’ll be very glad you did.