It’s Easier With a ‘Shaveless FUE’ Transplant

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Concealing a Hair Restoration Procedure – Part 2

Chances are, you have an important job. Or an active social life. Or both. Unfortunately, you may also have thinning hair, which doesn’t do much for one’s self-confidence in either of those spheres.

Ironically, the career and social factors that make people to want to look their best with a full head of hair can also be an obstacle to finally pursuing a solution. Sure, you want the ultimate benefits of hair restoration … but you don’t want the people around you to know you’ve just had hair restoration work done.

You’re not alone. Really.

Dr. Daniel A. Danyo, M.D. says “just about everyone who walks into North Atlanta Hair Restoration is dealing, more or less, with just that issue.” That’s why he and his staff have made it a priority to help get people back in the swing of things quickly, with acquaintances and friends none the wiser.

The clinic’s minimally-invasive approach to hair restoration has many aspects. But the biggest one is a unique variation on a popular transplantation technique that is Dr. Danyo’s specialty.

Introducing the FUE.

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. Using this method, the practitioner randomly extracts small groups of hair follicles from ‘donor’ areas at the sides and back, and inserts them into thinning areas up top. This approach is becoming more and more popular, because it doesn’t require a strip of scalp to be surgically removed.

As practiced by many hair restoration centers these days, though, the FUE technique requires shaving parts of the hair pretty short. Or, people can just shave their whole heads to even things out – then wait weeks or months for it to grow back. But let’s face it, that’s just not an acceptable option for most folks. Because of, well, the social and work things.

Introducing the Shaveless FUE.

Dr. Danyo gets it. That’s why he offers an advanced version of the FUE technique that doesn’t require shaving the head. That’s a relief to the people who turn to him for help – especially the women.

“For the Shaveless option, only the hairs that are being transplanted will be cut during the procedure,” he says. “And since those transplanted hairs are mixed in between the longer existing hair, no one will notice them.”

The added benefit is that the typical, temporary ‘artifacts’ of hair transplants – tiny scabs, small bumps and redness – are also covered up by the by the existing longer hair on one’s head. Which means people can get back to their social and work worlds often in just a few days with little or no evidence that any work was done.

Other tips for concealing a hair transplant:

Keeping your hair on the long side before a Shaveless FUE procedure can enhance the ‘camouflage’ that keeps temporary effects hidden after the procedure.

Several smaller hair restoration procedures are easier to conceal than one big one. When a larger number of follicles are transplanted at one time, the effects can be correspondingly larger too.

Hairs transplanted at the front hairline are naturally harder to conceal, due to the visibility of little scabs. For that, and for higher-quantity procedures, taking some vacation time from work might be a good idea.

Get in the habit of wearing a hat, if possible, before a scheduled hair transplant. That way, no one will question why you’re wearing one after the procedure.

Why else is Dr. Danyo a smart choice?

At many hair restoration practices and clinics, a salesperson does the initial consult sells the person on a recommended plan. Then staff technicians actually perform the procedure. A doctor may supervise, but is mostly in the background.

But at North Atlanta Hair Restoration, you talk directly with Dr. Danyo about your goals. Together, you discuss options and plan both upcoming and long-term restoration work. And Dr. Danyo is the one who personally performs the procedure, using his skilled artistry and sensitive feel for the procedure, not just for maximum long-term results, but also minimal short-term impact.

Your plan and your care are always personalized, and never routine.

Dr. Danyo is passionate about ‘The Art of Concealment’.

The most common practice today is to make slits in the scalp with a scalpel for implanting groups of follicles. However Dr. Danyo takes an approach that offers less pain, swelling and noticeable effects. It’s called a ‘pen implanter’, a high-tech technique that means less physical impact to the system.

“We also use smaller ‘punches’ to extract smaller grafts from the ‘donor’ area than other clinics,” says Dr. Danyo. “That way, any remaining scabs are less noticeable.” Also, with the practice’s precision techniques, the amount of local anesthesia and other medication is minimized, which further reduces tell-tale effects.

Everyone goes home happy.

Upon leaving, people are provided with bottles of ATP and aquaphor to moisten the scalp and promote healing, for a quicker full recovery.

“Right after the procedure, people are surprised at how clean their heads look. Spouses are pleasantly surprised too.” Dr. Danyo says. “We work hard to help them feel that way.”

For other hair restoration options at NAHR that let you get back to work and life immediately, check out Scalp Micropigmentation and PRP.