The Cosmetic Procedure Vanity Myth

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When someone has cosmetic surgical procedures, they are often accused of being vain or overly concerned with their looks. However, this could not be further from the truth for the vast majority of people.


In our culture, human beings relate to each other by looking at each other’s faces and bodies. We recognize each other using visual cues, and physical features transmit a great deal about the person as a whole. It can indicate a person’s age, sex, nationality or mood. We even have a saying about it…”you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Since most of us use looks to transmit so much valuable information, it should not be surprising that they are very important to most of us. But many of the procedures done today are medically necessary in addition to helping improve a person’s outer appearance.

Here are some procedures that were once considered vanity but are often vital for a person’s overall health and well being:


These restorative procedures have wrongfully been considered vanity for some time. However, many of them are as medically necessary as most any other. People who have rhinoplasty often correct nasal passages which were preventing proper breathing. Straightened teeth can help prevent areas of decay or help the jaws close properly. Hair restoration replaces hair that is necessary to protect the scalp skin from being exposed to dangerous ultraviolet rays of the sun. In addition, it can dramatically improve the self esteem of a person who has lost their hair prematurely and looks older than their actual age. Many of these procedures are medically necessary for the patient. In addition, these procedures can improve a patient’s self esteem, which is also an important part of their overall health.

In this age of internet access, celebrities with airbrushed appearances of perfection have set the bar really high and made some procedures seem to be only about vanity. Most people choose to get these restorative procedures to improve their health and maintain a good self esteem throughout their lives. What could be more beneficial?