Discreet Hair Restoration for Women

Girl posing sideways. With a text*DISCREET HAIR RESTORATION FOR WOMEN*

Hair is an important part of a women’s self-esteem and identity. While we all dream of thick and luxurious hair, a variety of factors can cause hair to thin over time including: age, poor nutrition, stress, and hormonal imbalance. When every day is a bad hair day, it is hard to live life to its fullest. If you are experiencing thinning hair, some effective methods will help restore your hair to its original condition.

Up until a few years ago, women were opting against hair transplantation because the procedure required patients to shave their heads in some areas. Many women find the need for shaved spots inconvenient and embarrassing. After recognizing the need for a discreet method to solve thinning hair in women, The Shave-less FUE approach was created.

The Shave-less FUE technique is revolutionizing the hair transplant approach and eliminating the need for embarrassing bald spots. With the Shave-less approach, no one will know that you have just had a procedure done. The FUE technique offers minimal recovery and visibility.

The process involves utilizing hair within the donor site and concealing the area with longer hairs around it. A small follicular unit extraction tool is then placed over the hair that was trimmed and is pulls it for implantation. Since the procedure requires no stitches and the healing time is minimal, it is perfect for women with busy social lives.

The Shave-less FUE approach is allowing more women the opportunity to address their thinning hair problems. With this new technique, patients see natural results using their own hair enabling them to resume activities in as little as 24 hours. Woman can restore their hair to its natural condition using the newest advancements in hair restoration. If you are looking for minimal down time and a discreet and natural way to get a thicker, fuller head of hair, the Shave-less FUE approach may be perfect for you.