Do You Do More For Others Than Yourself?


You’ve given so much.

Many women fall into the trap of always putting others first. They let their own happiness fall to the wayside while they’re busy doing everything for everyone else. Is it because they are self-less creatures with big hearts and big dreams for those around them? They may be, but they also need to model self-care for those they love. Unfortunately, some of these same big-hearted women struggle with self-love and their own happiness. Every now and then, they need to step back and do something nice for themselves.

The Struggle of Self-Care as a Mom

When it comes to self-care, moms seem to struggle the most. Mom guilt is real. It’s there to reinforce the maternal instinct, but sometimes it is a trickster stealing joy. The way forward is by attempting to find the balance. Mom’s needs are important too. However, there are some phases of life that are just difficult to get through as a mom. During these times, all of the luxuries go out the window and you just get through it.

But then you come out the other side

It’s important to not get stuck in a non-pampering rut for too long. Maybe you were taking care of elderly parents by yourself, but you have help now. Maybe your kids have finally settled down into a good routine…or grown into responsible adults. Maybe you are finally getting your sea legs at that new job. You’ve done so much for everyone else, it’s your turn now. How can you treat yourself?
  • Cryotherapy to ease back some of those wrinkles and worry lines you so bravely earned.
  • Therapeutic massage to loosen some of those muscles that have been carrying more than their fair share.
  • Hair restoration to fill in what time and stress have claimed.
    She can return to her daily life feeling rejuvenated.

However you decide to treat yourself, toss your mom guilt a bone by telling it that you are providing a good example to the other women in your life. If you’d like to treat yourself to a fuller head of hair, we’d like to help. Give us a call or use our booking app now.