Do You Have Hair Vulnerability?


There is no courage without vulnerability. – Brene Brown

How do you feel about your hair? Fine? If you are reading this blog post, on this site, and your knee-jerk reaction is to say you feel fine about your hair, you may have some trouble with vulnerability. It is natural. Vulnerability is hard. We are taught to have bravery as a core value, but that vulnerability is a weakness. What can you do with that conflict? We can make big bold decisions with bravery, when the call to bravery is clear and obvious. But, when the call is quieter and isn’t jumping in front of a bullet, but stepping out of a comfort zone…that’s when bravery starts to feel a little foolish, and we lean back towards what is safe.

No Risk = No Bravery

There is no need for bravery without risk. First, when approaching a conversation about vulnerability and hair loss, it is necessary to state our position clearly. We feel there is no need to get hair restoration, if you feel good about how you look. We never want to try to convince someone that they should not feel great about how they look. We always say, “Bald is beautiful, but so is a restored hairline or crown.” We think it is really important to promote hair (or no hair) positivity in whatever shape that takes. Our goal is to remove the stigma around both hair loss and hair restoration. We also want to acknowledge there is a lot of scientific evidence that hair loss can be devastating to experience.

Are You Hurting?

Hair loss can be very painful to experience. We each deal with this kind of pain in a different way. Our hair frames our face and what we see in the mirror is strongly linked to our core identity. When what we see doesn’t match up with how we feel inside, shame and embarrassment can begin to grow. If these feelings aren’t processed in a healthy way or the root of these feelings addressed, emotional pain is unavoidable. We find many of our patients have been reluctant to seek help, or even talk about how they are feeling because they fear being perceived as vain, conceited, or frivolous. Some are even afraid to acknowledge something unwanted is happening. They are so far from being able to experience vulnerability in this area they disconnect from their feelings, altogether.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I’m afraid to bend over because I know my crown will be on display.
  • When I attend a function, I’m always aware of the people sitting behind me and how I appear.
  • My kids make fun of my hair. They think it is all in fun, but I find it really hurtful.
  • I really want to get my hair fixed, but I find it easier to do for others, than for myself.
  • I find myself withdrawing from social activities because of how I feel about my hair.

Bravery Proceeds Joy

If your hair loss is negatively affecting you, you can take action. Firstly, if your mental health is declining due to your hair loss, please talk to a professional. No one should suffer alone. Secondly, find a good hair restoration doctor to talk to. At our clinic, you have access to a world-class hair restoration surgeon who can give you a medical evaluation and make a customized plan…for free. You can have your questions answered by someone who has seen it all. All you have to do is take the first step. The first step to any problem is to acknowledge there is a problem. Denial is a protection against vulnerability. Denial keeps us from having to face the truth of our situation, but also denies us the opportunity for bravery. It is bravery to say, I have a need and I want it fulfilled. It is brave to say, I don’t like what has happened to my hair and I want to fix it.

I Feel Like Myself, Again!

It’s what we hear most often on follow-ups. Our patients aren’t vain for wanting to just look like themselves, again. Our patients are brave and strong and have decided to take action. We are so honored to have served the people who have trusted us with their hair vulnerability. We honor that trust by being discreet. Our clinic is one of the few in the world that specializes in Shaveless FUE, a discreet form of hair restoration surgery that doesn’t require shaving the scalp. Our medical director, Daniel A. Danyo, M.D. is passionate about this procedure because of the freedom is gives our patients to take action about their hair loss, without everyone know what they did. We’d love for you to come in and meet Dr. Danyo and take a look around. We’d love to show you what is possible. Give us a call or use our booking app to reserve your time 24/7. We look forward to seeing you.