Eat Right for Your New Hair


A Proper Diet Helps With Hair Transplantation Success

Individuals who have had a hair transplant experience the most benefit from it when they keep their overall health at an optimal level. This includes maintaining a diet that will give their hair the best shot at success. Doing this may have a direct positive effect on their hair new follicles. The stimulation of hair regrowth and the health of hair follicles has been shown to improve with proper diet.

Vitamins and Minerals

A proper diet involves consuming the right amount of certain vitamins and minerals such as the following:

*Vitamin B-6

Best Foods

There are certain foods that are better than others when it comes to healthy hair regrowth. Consuming proper amounts of green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach is important. Tomatoes and peppers are also helpful as they promote healthy hair. Fish has a variety of natural oils that may give your follicles that extra boost they need. Some patients have reported that a diet including legumes and nuts has helped with the successful regrowth of their transplanted hair follicles.

Foods To Avoid

A person who has a poor diet without sufficient nutritional content could be damaging their hair regrowth process. Even if your procedure is only weeks away, you may still see a benefit from changing your habits now. An effort needs to be made to avoid foods that do not provide a sufficient amount of nutritional content. Foods to avoid include fast food, greasy foods with few fresh ingredients, and high sugar snacks.

Avoid Processed Food

Individuals who consume significant amounts of processed food often experience many types of health problems. Packaged foods like potato chips, cookies, sausage, margarine, soft drinks and more often contain unhealthy chemical additives. They may also have significant amounts of salt as well as high-fructose corn syrup. A healthy diet free from empty calories will support greater hair health.

Avoid Refined Sugar

This is a high-calorie food with few, if any, health benefits. Men who consume over 34 grams of sugar and women who consume over 19 grams of sugar are at risk for experiencing such health problems as heart disease, obesity as well as type 2 diabetes and more. We know that inflammation can cause problems with your hair, and sugar can add fuel to the fire.

Avoid Fast Food

Fast food is often filled with salt and grease and designed to appeal to a the person on the go. It is commonly filled with a high amount of calories and low nutritional value. it is often highly processed. It can include a great deal of salt, added sugars and more. If you are attempting to support your hair health, you may want to look look elsewhere at meal time.

It is essential for individuals who have had a hair transplant to adopt a healthy diet. Doing this is essential for improving overall health and provide the proper amount of necessary resources for the successful regrowth of healthy hair. It is also an effective way to increase the quality of a person’s hair as well as its strength. We’d love to chat with you about what is possible for you and your hair. Give us a call or book now for a free consultation.