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North Atlanta Hair Restoration uses cutting edge technology for the implantation of hair follicle grafts into the balding region. We use a device called the Lion Implanter Pen that allows the most accurate and safest approach with fewer complications including swelling after the procedure. It also allows easy implantation during a Shave-less FUE hair transplantation procedure, since the pen can be easily placed between existing hairs.   Most hair restoration clinics use a small scalpel or needle to make recipients slits, with manual implantation of hair follicle grafts.

Here is how it works - One of our experienced technicians loads the Lion Implanter Pen by grabbing the top of the hair follicle and then gently pulling it into position to be implanted with the bulb of the hair closest to the end of the needle.  Dr. Danyo is then handed the implanter pen and in one movement the hair follicle is injected into the scalp, into its final position.  There is no need for surgical slits and this process allows for extremely accurate placement and increased density. The Lion Pen Implanter has many advantages over the traditional placement of hair follicles using surgical slits followed by hand placement.  Each individual placement can be readjusted at the time of implantation to keep the hair follicle bulb within what is called the "nonvascular zone".  As a result, bleeding and subsequent swelling is minimized and so healing occurs much faster.  It is this precision with individual placement, the ability to quickly readjust between placements and the single action placement without the need for surgical slits that makes our implantation process seamless.  In addition, unlike with the surgical slit and hand placement technique, the bulb and matrix of the hair follicle is never touched with a forceps during the process of loading and placing using the Lion Pen Pen implanter - this minimizes the amount of trauma to the most critical portion of the hair follicle, the hair matrix and bulb to optimize healing and results.


We have found that compared to the traditional placement of surgical slits followed by hand placement, individuals that undergo a Lion Pen Implanter implantation procedure heal quicker with less swelling, have minimal bleeding and obtain better results.  The Lion Pen Implanter is used exclusive by North Atlanta Hair Restoration for the implantation of hair follicles into the balding region(s) and allows Dr. Danyo to personally place each hair follicle graft in a quick and efficient manner.

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