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Hair loss can have a significant effect on ones self-esteem, appearance and overall wellness.  At North Atlanta Hair Restoration, we understand that healing is the missing piece of the equation for many patients and recognize that modern day hair restoration is all about flexibility.  We have become Atlanta's premier privately-owned medical hair restoration practice for connecting individuals suffering from hair loss to cutting edge technologies, modern surgical and non-surgical treatments, direct physician care with extraordinary cost reductions and full physician involvement, patient-focused service with timeliness and same-day scheduling and 16 years of experience in Atlanta medicine with an extensive referral base.

We now offer Skype online consultations, follow ups and discussion groups to bring our office to you.    Its easy to use and provides individuals a unique opportunity to connect with our medical director, Daniel a Danyo, MD in a discrete, private and timely manner. Most of the consultation and treatment options in most cases can be planned out and decided upon during the online consultation. Direct measurements will be required in person on the day of or prior to any hair transplant surgery.

For those that live outside of the metro Atlanta area, our online consultations allow you to connect with Dr. Danyo on a personal level, without spending the time and travel expense to visit our office.   Our facility is located at the Collection of Forsyth, which is a modern outdoor mixed-use facility, with local hotels available. We offer discounts for travel and lodging for those undergoing hair transplant procedures who live outside the metro Atlanta area.  North Atlanta Hair Restoration is proud to offer a comprehensive, cost-effective, thoroughly modern private medical practice that meets the needs of today's modern-day patients.

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