Eyebrow Restoration for Men and Women


Your Questions Answered About an Eyebrow Transplant in Atlanta

Eyebrows play a large role in enhancing our natural looks. When these features are full, arched properly and healthy, our facial shape achieves a new symmetry and attractiveness. This is true for both women and men.


Imperfect Brows Not Always Due to Eager Plucking

Often, we become eyebrow-challenged, sometimes through the fault of our own but also under unforeseen circumstances. Over plucking or waxing the brows can cause permanent gaps, a percentage of hairs that never grow back in, uneven shape, and so on. There are woman and men who genetically don’t have thick brows, no matter how careful they were with them in their youth. Medication, illness, surgery and/or trauma can result in fewer brow hairs and little growth. That is why eyebrow restoration is an amazing, affordable and simple procedure that restores the ideal full brow for your unique set of facial features. It’s one of the finest, permanent beauty makeovers for either sex.


Redefining A Much Better Pair of Eyebrows in This One-Day Procedure

Eyebrow restoration has advanced significantly over the years, and now patients can go from hardly any hairs to power brows in one day. Talk about a wonderful new dose of self-esteem and healthy confidence. Our specialized hair transplant approach involves our revolutionary Shave-less FUE approach; now the scalp no longer needs shaving. Since there is no need to have any portion of your head shaved and grafts are extracted individually from the head, leaving the others at their natural length, the procedure is discreet and private.  Each graft is then meticulously trimmed and placed in the natural contours of a normal eyebrow, creating a natural look, density and redefined shape.


Eyebrow Artistry Performed with Precision

  • Out-Patient Procedure
  • Local Anesthesia
  • One Session
  • No Buzz-Cut
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Speedy recovery
  • Great New, Thicker Brows

The skill of the surgeon using this cutting-edge technique requires extreme attention to detail. The best kinds of eyebrow restoration results lie in replicating the unique directional changes of eyebrow hair. Would you benefit from thicker eyebrows? We would love to talk with you about what is possible. Give us a call, or book now using our 24/7 booking app.