What is an "FUE" hair transplant?

"F.U.E." or "Follicular-Unit Extraction" is an advanced, "minimally-invasive" hair transplant method which allows for the harvesting of individual follicles from the back of the head (donor area) without a scalpel or stitches, and therefore leaves no linear scar.

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What are the main advantages of FUE over the "Strip Harvest Procedure?"

It is well-accepted that FUE transplants can heal faster and more comfortably than linear-harvest techniques which the physician uses a scalpel and removes a strip of scalp requiring stitches and a 6 week recovery time. With the minimally invasive technique FUE, the patient can usually return to work in a week and once healing is complete, the patient has the option of wearing a very short haircut without the worry of a tell-tale linear scar. Without the need for stitches, downtime is shorter with fewer activity restrictions post-operatively.

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What are some benefits of FUE?

The highly ergonomic mechanical device that Dr. Danyo uses works as a natural extension of the surgeons' hand, allowing for faster and more accurate harvesting of hair follicles. FUE patients now reach their goal with less time in the procedure room or fewer FUE procedures altogether.

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Is Laser Light Therapy Safe?

Laser Light Therapy is a safe therapy since it does not use radiation or UV light. There are no reported side effects and it appears to be restorative with respect to tissue function. We typically will not recommend Laser Light therapy for those with previous skin cancer such as Melanoma, Basal or Squamous Cell cancers. The red light is a puritan of white light which is a combination of all of the colors.  Though the word laser is used, it is not a true laser and will not damage the skin, if used within the guidelines.

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How often do I have to come in for therapy?

The therapy protocol that we use includes two sessions of Laser Light per week for 4 weeks, then 1 session per week for the next 4 weeks, then maintenance therapy two times per month.  Our in-office laser package is based on three month increments.  We do allow people to come in for a maximum of two sessions per week if they choose.

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What if I can't consistently come in for treatments?

Another option would be to consider the Theradome which can be used for home use daily or every other day. We are able to order a Laser Cap to meet your needs.  This allows individuals to have the device at home to use at their leisure and time.  It is still recommended to use these devices only two times per week to minimize the chance for shedding.

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Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) safe?

Yes, PRP is recognized as a safe treatment, since we use your own blood platelets. As a result, there is no risk for disease transmission and there are no reported major side effects with PRP in healthy individuals.

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What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelet Rich plasma is a portion of the blood  containing a low concentration of red and white blood cells and high concentration of platelets, typically five times the body concentration.  The plans portion of the blood ins the clear portion which is also separated out, so that the remaining portion of the clear plasma contains a high concentration of platelets.  Platelets are at the beginning of the immune response to healing and have a large amount of growth factors to stimulate metabolism, promote healing and active stem cells.  The belief is that the concentration and also activated blood platelets when injected supply a high concentration of the growth factors and stem cell stimulating chemicals to promote hair growth.

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How much downtime is there after a PRP procedure?

None, but we recommend limiting both strenuous exercise or physical work for 48 hours after the procedure. The needle injection sites will clear and likely be invisible within 48 to 72 hours and there is minimal associated swelling or pain afterwards.

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