FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction

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Less Impactful Than Traditional Hair Transplants

Learn about the advantages of the ‘FUE’ transplant method, compared to the ‘FUT’ method.

Advantages of FUE Transplants:

  • With the ‘FUE’ (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, small groups of hair follicles are carefully extracted from the back and side of the head for transplanting up top.


  • Many prefer this over the original ‘FUT’ (Follicular Unit Transplant) method, which requires surgically removing a strip of scalp from the back or side of the head to ‘harvest’ hair follicles.


  • FUE results in an easier, quicker recovery, because there’s less surgery to recover from. FUE also avoids the permanent scar from the removed strip of scalp.

FUE Transplants Work Best for:

  • Men who are bald, as well as those with ‘thinning’ hair on top. However bald men must understand that for them, hair restoration is a more serious, and more expensive, commitment.


  • Men who want to improve a receding hairline


  • People for whom shaving their head is not an issue


  • Due to the head-shaving requirement, FUE transplants are not the option chosen by most women


The procedure is performed while you are awake and comfortable, with a local anesthetic to numb your scalp. You may listen to your choice of music.


The first step is shaving the parts of your head where the follicles will be extracted and implanted. For smaller procedures, every effort will be made to conceal shaved areas with existing hair.


The doctor then carefully extracts small groups of follicles from the thick hair on the sides and back of the head.


Next, the doctor implants the grafts in the thinning areas at the top of the head, using artistic as well as technical skills in blending the new hair with the existing hair

Transplanting hair into the front hairline requires a careful ‘feathering’ effect, for a natural appearance that avoids the ‘doll’s hair’ look

Dr. Danyo employs precision extraction and implanting tools, for maximum viability of implanted follicles and minimal scabbing, compared to the traditional use of medical scalpels


  • More than one transplant session may be required to achieve the long-term results you want
  • It generally takes about 3 months for the transplanted to start growing
  • A satisfactory improvement in hair volume can take between 6 and 12 months
  • Any redness, swelling, or tiny scabs or bumps from the procedure tend to go away in a few days
  • Some people may not be candidates for surgical hair restoration due to health factors


The standard FUE transplant approach requires you to shave at least part of your head before the procedure. That’s why most of the people who come to North Atlanta Hair Restoration choose the ‘Shaveless FUE’, which does not require head shaving.


Small, medium and large size transplant sessions are available, based on the amount and rate of hair loss, and your personal goals. Some people see better long-term results with several smaller procedures vs. one large one.

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