Genetic Hair Loss Facts and North Atlanta Hair Restoration’s Solutions

Genetic Hair loss facts

As written by Dr. Dan Danyo, M.D.

The main reason for male pattern balding is a medical condition called androgenic alopecia. It is defined by WikiPedia as hair loss that occurs due to an underlying susceptibility of hair follicles to androgenic miniaturization (see this page).

Men in rare instances have alopecia conditions that scar the scalp and make hair transplant or hair restoration procedures difficult. In rare instances, a dermatologist or a physician who specializes in treating specific scalp and alopecia conditions is required.

Almost all of my male new patient consultations possess a normal male pattern related to androgenic alopecia. There is thinning of the frontal hairline and recession which also includes the temporal peaks. There is often combined thinning and progressive balding in the crown, which then flows into the frontal and temporal recession to produce more severe male pattern balding types.

It is important to determine one’s family history of hair loss to determine possible progression of the alopecia overtime. I am somewhat cautious about performing hair transplant procedures on young, rapidly balding individuals that have a strong family history of progressive and significant balding.  Sometimes aggressive hair transplant procedures may cause issues down the road.  In these young patients, hair transplant may wait until I complete all initial consultations, as a doctor and not a sales person.

I make recommendations that are suited not just for the moment, but for one’s lifetime. In young individuals with a strong family history, there may be other options prior to hair transplant surgery to maximize hair replacement results long-term.  PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy), LLT (Laser Light Therapy) and medical management are all good initial treatments.

We use the latest technology for hair transplantation and hair replacement procedures at North Atlanta Hair Restoration. You can read more about these services in-depth on the “Solutions” page of our corporate website.  North Atlanta Hair Restoration uses the latest techniques for hair transplantation such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), using the NeoGraft machine for grafting of permanent donor hair from the back of the scalp and the use of the Lion Pen Implanter to place these single grafts into the balding areas.  I personally extract and place each graft with the assistance of my dedicated team.

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