Getting an FUE Procedure During COVID-19


Hope for a Patient Whose Hair Loss Started in His Teens

Brad noticed he was losing his hair as far back as high school.

“I didn’t know anyone else who was losing his hair,” Brad says. “I was embarrassed — I didn’t have a lot of confidence in myself. I wore a hat most of the time.”

As he graduated high school and transitioned to college, Brad’s hair loss progressed. “It became a big concern,” he says. “And it definitely affected my confidence.”

Brad tried a lot of different topical and medical products, including Finasteride, a medication that blocks the hormone DHT, which normally causes male pattern baldness. He also tried Rogaine and wasn’t happy with the results of either product.

Brad was in his early 20s by now and dealing with his hair loss alone. None of his friends seemed to be experiencing the same thing, and he wouldn’t have felt comfortable talking about it with them if they did.


Hair Restoration For Those Under 25 Years Old

Finally, Brad made the decision to look into a hair restoration procedure. “I talked to several different doctors,” he says. “Most of them told me that they wouldn’t do a procedure on me because I was under 25.”

The doctors told Brad to try different topical and pharmaceutical products that they sold, and to use those until he turned 25. But Brad had already tried products like those and hadn’t liked the results —and he felt pressured into making purchases he didn’t want to make.

Finally, Brad met with Dr. Danyo. “He was really honest with me, and I liked that,” Brad says. “He told me my hairline was not going to come back. I might be able to slow down the progress of hair loss with some of these products the other doctors recommended, but it wouldn’t prevent the hair loss. He was really up front.”

A Trusted Atlanta Hair Doctor

Brad was also impressed with Dr. Danyo’s credentials and online reviews. “He was the only doctor I spoke with who had the accolades he did,” he says.

Brad opted to undergo a Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) procedure, where hair follicles are harvested from healthy areas of growth and re-inserted into thinning areas. This process is less invasive than the more traditional FUT procedure, which requires removing a strip of skin and results in a telltale linear scar.

“I was in quarantine for two weeks after the procedure due to COVID-19,” Brad says. “So I was at home for the recovery anyway. But it was an easy recovery, not a lot of pain, just a little itchy.”


No One Will Notice

Now Brad is back at college, taking classes both online and in person. “Nobody has noticed I’ve had the procedure,” he says. “I’ve had no problem getting back to regular life.”

Brad is still just a few weeks out from his procedure, so he is waiting to see his full results. But he is very happy he took this step. “I would absolutely recommend Dr. Danyo to anyone experiencing hair loss,” he says. “He’s a total professional and he made me feel very comfortable.”

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