Goal-setting for Grown Ups

Adults giving high five
Setting Goals for a Better Life
We change and grow throughout our lives, which means the goals we have for ourselves must change, too. No 20 year old knows how they’re going to feel at age 50. The goals for your life you set in college are probably a little outdated. If you are a grown-up who needs a serious reset, it might be a good time to set some new goals for yourself.

1. Give Back to Your Community

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are today. If you’re not already volunteering, making donations, or simply taking part in community activities, consider giving these practices a go. You might be surprised at how much fulfillment you get from giving something back. Developing new friendships around a positive activity can inject new life into your routine.

2. Take Care of Your Appearance

Getting older doesn’t mean letting yourself go. If you’ve been in a slump or feeling unattractive lately, consider making some improvements to your appearance. Does your wardrobe need some new life? What about a new hair style? Maybe, your hair isn’t looking as full and lush as it once was. Hair restoration is an amazing option that can help you feel younger and more attractive. What are some fun goals you can set around looking good and feeling good?

3. Reevaluate Your Personal Life

Whether you’re happily married, divorced or single, it’s always good to stop and take inventory of your personal life. Are you where you’d like to be? Would you like something to be different? Maybe you need to renew your vows with your spouse, see a marriage counselor to work through some problems, or hit the dating scene for the first time in a while. As we hit our middle years, most of us get more comfortable with our own company. This is a positive, but taken to extreme it can lead to isolation. Maybe circle back to #1 and set some goals about building relationships with intention around positive activities.

4. Take that Dream Vacation

Life is short, so if you’ve always dreamed of visiting Paris or seeing the Northern Lights, why not go for it? Consider setting some travel goals this year. What would your dream road trip look like? Who would be on it with you? Life is about experiences, so don’t wait to get out there and live your dreams.

5. Consider Your Finances

Your 40s and 50s are an excellent time to go over your finances and look for areas you can improve. You might not be saving enough money, but it’s also possible that you’re saving too much and missing out on life in the process. An aggressive plan that worked for us in our 30s may need to be revisited, now. Find a healthy balance between saving for retirement and living it up. You want enough to live on, but you can’t take it with you.

Remember that life is always a work in progress. No matter your age or your situation, striving for more health, happiness and confidence is almost always worth it. Every day is a new opportunity to live our best lives. What does your best life look like?