Going Bald In Your Twenties?

going bald in your twenties

No-Shave FUE For Young Adults

Justin* knew it was only a matter of time. “My dad is bald; I saw it coming.”

He describes his teenage hair as “long and luscious” – but by his early 20s, he could tell it was changing.

“By 23, I could feel it. I thought, ‘It’s coming, I guess I’m finally going bald.’”

For a few years, he tried to manage his hair loss with minoxidil, but his hair was still thinning rapidly.

“I just gave-up. I figured, I’ll embrace it.”

Justin has a buoyant, jovial voice – he speaks with confidence, even while he’s recounting past insecurities.

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When Your Appearance Matters to You

“I’m a good-looking guy, I wasn’t too concerned,” he says. But by his mid-20s, he had embraced a new passion, and it changed the way he thought about his appearance.

Justin is a musician and producer, and he had begun DJing regularly at clubs and music venues around Atlanta. His music career was taking off, but unlike the recently disbanded Daft Punk, he didn’t have a helmet to hide behind.

“I thought, ‘Well, I don’t like hats.’ If I’m going to be in this public position, I have to figure it out before it gets too late.”

Consultation with an Atlanta Hair Transplant Doctor

The Consultation with an Atlanta Hair Transplant Doctor

So, Justin did what many Atlantans had done before him: he opened a web browser and searched, “hair restoration near me.”

North Atlanta Hair Restoration was his first result, and he was impressed with the Shave-less / No-shave FUE before and after photos as well as the testimonials he read.

North Atlanta Hair Restoration is a medical boutique practice and unlike the major hair restoration chains, all consultations and procedures in our office are performed by Dr. Danyo.

Justin felt the personal touch immediately. Dr. Danyo asked him questions about his hair and his hopes for the procedure. Justin felt like the doctor’s own experience with hair loss made him much more understanding than another doctor might have been.

“He really walks the walk,” Justin said, “He’s professional, but it also all seems personal to him. You just know he cares. I wouldn’t have chosen to do the procedure if I didn’t like him, and I liked him right away. He put me at ease.”


Using the Latest Technology to Make The Right Decisions

For Justin, the most interesting part of his consultation was seeing his scalp up close. Dr. Danyo used a camera that showed Justin his microscopic hair follicles in real time.

“He moved the camera across my head, and it showed the picture on a screen in front of me. He showed me my hair pattern, and where it was thinning and what he would do to fix it.”

Dr. Danyo recommended No-shave FUE for Justin. He estimated that they would take 2,000 individual grafts of healthy follicles from Justin’s own head and place them in the areas where his hair was thinning.

No-shave FUE is a non-invasive procedure with an extremely fast recovery timeline. Unlike other hair restoration surgeries, it leaves the donor site concealed and patients can resume their usual activities almost immediately.

cost of shave-less fue in atlanta

The Cost of Shave-less FUE in Atlanta

After discussing the technique, Justin was given a quote for his procedure. He was a bit taken aback at first.

“I knew it would be an investment. But I was still a little surprised.”

Justin laughs and admits, “I actually pulled my phone out under the table and searched, ‘cost of hair grafts’ while we were talking!”

He saw that typically, grafts tend to run $5 to $6 apiece. With over 2,000 grafts expected in his own procedure, he realized his quoted price wasn’t just competitive, it was actually a value.


Don’t Make the Mistake That All Doctors Are The Same

In the end, Justin didn’t mind paying top dollar. A bad medical experience from a few years earlier had taught him a valuable lesson.

He had some fillings done in his early 20s by a discount dentist’s office. “They ruined my mouth,” he says ruefully. “I tried to save a buck and ended-up paying triple to have it all fixed.”

When it came to his hair, Justin wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice.

“I’ve learned it’s better to make the investment instead of hiring someone new to clean up another person’s mess. And I wasn’t going to let my head be an experiment.”

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No One Will Know You Had Hair Restoration

It’s been almost a year and a half since Justin’s No-Shave FUE, and he loves the results.

He describes his recovery process as “nonexistent.” He went back to the office the next day, and no one was any wiser.

“The only way anyone would have been able to tell is if I lifted-up my bangs, and I wasn’t going to do that.”

Since the surgery, Dr. Danyo has checked-in with him several times.

“If I could advise anyone in my place, I’d say do it now. Pay for the surgery early, don’t wait.”

no shave fue in atlanta

Love How You Look In The Mirror

Despite the COVID-19 shutdown, the last year and a half has been transformative for Justin’s music career – and he attributes much of that success to his hair restoration procedure.

“Getting the hair transplant was the stake in the ground that started the best year of my life.”

Justin joined a creative agency, was signed by several managers, and has had more performance opportunities. He says that with increased confidence came increased opportunity.

“If you don’t like the person in the mirror, how are you going to get anyone else to like him?” Justin says he no longer worries about the guy in the mirror – he loves how he looks.

Justin chuckles again. “I’m living the life a lot of other men would want to live,” he says, the smile evident in his voice, “I walk in the club, get onstage, and perform for rocking crowds. It’s the dream.”

atlanta best hair transplant clinic

Atlanta’s Best Hair Transplant Clinic

If hair loss is impacting your confidence, you are not alone. North Atlanta Hair Restoration has helped thousands of people to feel like themselves again.

Dr. Daniel Danyo has personally extracted and placed over 2 million grafts. He is one of only 400 physicians, worldwide, who is certified through the American and International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.

To have a consultation with Dr. Danyo fill out our hair restoration request form here.

*Name changed to protect patient privacy