Hair Loss and Self-Esteem

Middle aged man looking at his hair in the mirror.

There is nothing sexier than someone with confidence. But, when you are losing your hair, confidence can be in short supply. Ask anyone who has had hair restoration, they will probably tell you of the immediate boost to their self-esteem. For many people, the state of their hair has a direct impact on how they feel about themselves.

Others Feel This Way Too

A 2005 survey of European men found that 62% of the men reporting hair loss felt that it could affect self-esteem. A startling 21% reported feelings of depression surrounding their hair loss. The most surprising statistic in the survey was that 3 out of 4 men who suffered from hair loss had not tried any methods of slowing, reversing, or restoring their hair.

A Self Image Issue

It is true that you can be balding and confident. However, for many, it is an ongoing struggle. Appearance can be a large part of someone’s self-image. When that begins to change, it can cause deep feelings of confusion and self-doubt. Not only is this natural, but it is quite common. Hair loss can be quite a blow to the ego.

Taking Internal Action

What to do then, but take action to resolve the feelings of low self-esteem. If you are among the 21% suffering from depression, please seek professional help. A mental health professional can help you deal with these feelings. There is no need to suffer alone. Even among those whose self-esteem returns with hair restoration, there may be deeper issues that allowed the hair loss to affect them so profoundly.

Taking External Action

Hair loss is caused by damage to the hair follicles. If you can restore hair to the damaged areas, doesn’t it make sense to do so? If you have been negatively affected by hair loss, don’t be one of the ones who never do anything about it. Why suffer unnecessarily? Modern hair restoration is amazingly effective and affordable.

Totally Private

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