Laser Hair Restoration Therapy FAQ


Is Laser Light Therapy Safe?   Laser Light Therapy is a safe therapy since it does not use radiation or UV light. There are no reported side effects and it appears to be restorative with respect to tissue function. We typically will not recommend Laser Light therapy for those with previous skin cancer such as Melanoma, Basal or Squamous Cell cancers. The red light is a puritan of white light which is a combination of all of the colors.  Though the word laser is used, it is not a true laser and will not damage the skin, if used within the guidelines.

How often do I have to come in for therapy?    The therapy protocol that we use includes two sessions of Laser Light per week for 4 weeks, then 1 session per week for the next 4 weeks, then maintenance therapy two times per month.  Our in-office laser package is based on three month increments.  We do allow people to come in for a maximum of two sessions per week if they choose.

What if I can't consistently come in for treatments?    Another option would be to consider the Theradome which can be used for home use daily or every other day. We are able to order a Laser Cap to meet your needs.  This allows individuals to have the device at home to use at their leisure and time.  It is still recommended to use these devices only two times per week to minimize the chance for shedding.

What are the side effects for Laser Light Therapy?  The therapy session is comfortable and not painful. Most people feel that it is relaxing. You should not experience any scalp irritation or skin change. The main side effect relates to the over use of more than two times per week.  This can cause some hair shedding and density loss.  It is important to follow the protocol of two times per week for a maximum of 25 minutes per session.

When I am getting the treatment in the office, can I be reading or doing work?  With the LTS system, we provide safety eye wear for you that will allow you to read, but we do not recommend any work otherwise be completed such as with a computer screen or paperwork which requires writing. The eyewear is essential for patient safety.

What is the difference between the In-Office NeoLTS Laser Light and the Theradome, Capillus Cap and Laser Cap?  The main difference relates to the In-Office NeoLTS Laser Light having both red and also green light, where the Theradome, Capillus Cap and Laser Cap only have red light.  There is some advantage to having first a 12 minute session of red light followed by a 12 minute session of green light to increase the effects.  The two colors compliment each other.  The Theradome and Laser Cap also are effective, but the In-Office NeoLTS Laser Light may also have a higher density of light rays called photons, which may provide higher energy to the scalp.

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