Hair Restoration for Dad

a man with his son wearing the same stripe-designed shirt pointing in front of the buildings with the text,

He’s the man who made you who you are. He was there for your skinned knees, your science experiments, and when you tried to break your curfew. He probably wasn’t perfect, but he was your dad.

This week we’re celebrating dad’s everywhere. The dad clothes, dad jokes, even the dad advice. It’s all dad, all the time. (For the next week at least!)

So what can you give dad that will make him feel special on this Father’s Day?

Give him the gift of confidence and self-esteem. Give him a piece of his youth back. Give him his hair back.

Bring Back the Good ‘Ol Days

We have great packages for dad that will help him relive his younger days, with the top down and wind in his hair. When he was the stud who made all the girls swoon.

Ok, maybe not that extreme, but you get the point!

Bring dad in for a free consultation and we can help him understand his hair restoration options. From Shaveless FUE to PRP, we’ve got plenty of ways dad can get back his full head of hair.

Options for Dad

Shaveless FUE is perfect for the man who wants the benefit of hair transplants, but without having to shave his head or show the scars of the procedure.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a great afternoon treatment that helps stimulate the follicles for thicker, healthier hair.

Not exactly the right thing? Don’t worry, we’ve got lots of options for dad. Our laser light therapy is popular for those looking for a non-invasive option. Or give the appearance of hair follicles and thicker, filled-in areas with Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).

Whatever the challenge for dad’s hair, North Atlanta Hair Restoration has solutions. We would love to show you and dad all the options for getting the head of hair that he deserves. After all, you’re probably a big reason why he lost most of it!