The Hair Restoration Journey Part 1 – The Realization

Man meditating at a seashore. With a text*THE REALIZATION*THE HAIR RESTORATION JOURNEY PART 1*

The journey through hair restoration is rewarding, but there may be some unexpected twists and turns. This week, we are starting a series on each step of on the path. The first step is usually coming to terms with the need for hair restoration. This can be an emotionally painful realization. No one wants to admit that they need help to look their best. You are not alone. Here are just a few of the people that can benefit from hair restoration:

 Maturing men and women who are experiencing natural hair thinning

 Male pattern baldness sufferers

 Female pattern baldness sufferers

 Those who have been treated for Alopecia Areata

 People who have worn their hair too tight over time and caused thinness in that area

 Those in recovery from Trichotillamania

 Loss of hair due to chemical burns, usually perms

There are many more reasons why someone might be in need of hair restoration. None of the reasons are easy to live with. Hair loss can cause serious issues with self-image and self-worth. Depression is not uncommon. If you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to family and friends, please consider contacting a mental health professional. A trusted counselor can be an invaluable part of your hair restoration journey. Most people find their spirits have lifted considerably once they are through the journey, but self-care while you are on the path is essential.

Next week we are going to begin to discuss the next step in the hair restoration journey, “research.” Making good decisions in how to move forward in your journey is a crucial part of getting the results you want. We will walk through how to decide which procedure is best for you and how to find the right doctor to perform it.