The Hair Restoration Journey Part 3 – The Clinic

DOCTOR holding a surgical scope. With a text*THE HAIR RESTORATION JOURNEY PART3-THE CLINIC*

The last couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about the hair restoration journey. The first step is the realization that you are losing hair…and need help to fix it. That is the hardest part of the journey. Once you have come to terms with the difficult emotions, you can move forward to the next step: research. Part two of this series covers the two most popular procedures and some things to consider about each.

This week we are going to talk about physicians and their clinics. We are only discussing clinics performing FUE procedures. Clinics mostly fall into two categories, those where the doctor performs the procedure and those that share that duty with techs. Here is a brief overview of both:

Doctor/Tech Combo

– In these clinics, the doctors and the techs perform the procedures together. In most cases, the doctor makes the surgical slits and the tech follows behind with a dull-needle pen implanter. Only physicians can use sharp-needle implanters, so the slits allow the tech to complete the with the dull one. One of the upsides to this procedure is that it allows the doctor to complete more procedures in a day. This can lead to a lower price per graft. A downside is that the patient may be more prone to swelling in the scalp and face due to the solution used on the slitted area.


– In these clinics, the doctor performs the entire procedure, aided by a tech. Because the physician is in charge during the entire procedure, sharp-needle pen implanters can be used. This eliminates the need to make slits in the scalp, since the implanter can pierce the skin. Besides the higher skill level present throughout the entire procedure, another upside to this procedure is that the hairs can be placed at a precise angle, reducing the “wild hair” effect. A downside is that it is more taxing on the physician, reducing the availability of doctor-only clinics.

At North Atlanta Hair Restoration, we are a physician-owned practice. We are a doctor-only clinic. Dr. Danyo performs all procedures and utilizes the sharp-needle pen implanters. An accomplished tri-athlete, Dr. Danyo has a high level of endurance that sustains him during long procedures and aids in offering procedures that no other clinic in the country does, such as the Shave-less FUE/SmartGraft combination. Many physicians and practices did not feel that a shave less approach can be done. We have dedicated this practice to this approach as it is possible and efficient especially when used with Smart Graft.

Call for a tour of our spa-like clinic in the North Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta. Consultations are free and financing is available.