The Hair Restoration Journey Part 6

Man checking his sideburns on a mirror. With a text*THE HAIR RESTORATION JOURNEY PART6-POST OPERATIVE CARE, DAY 1*

Post-Operative Care, Day 1

We’ve been discussing the steps along the hair restoration journey. So far, we’ve covered the decision, the choices of procedures and clinics, getting ready before the procedure, and what goes on the day of. This week we are discussing post-operative care. How do you take care of yourself and your hair following a hair transplant procedure?

When you left the day of the procedure, you took a “goody bag” home with you. It should have included items to help you heal faster. It may include:

  • Gauze pads to buffer any possible drainage. Be very careful not to touch the grafts.
  • A Coban wrap, if you opted for a shaved procedure. This is to wrap around your head to protect to the donor area. You will want to wear this while you sleep. In the morning, you may remove the wrap to assess the condition of the area. If there is continued draining, apply clean gauze to the area and rewrap the Coban.
  • A Liposomal ATP spray. This is very important to promote healing. Use every hour, until it is gone.
  • A Blue Chuck pad and pillowcase. These are for protection of your chair or pillow while you are healing.
  • Neosporin spray – This will help keep infection at bay, and keep the donor area moist.

The day after your procedure is the most critical day in your healing process. You want to make sure that you avoid touching, or “fiddling” with your new hair. You will take the Coban off and reapply, if necessary. Ideally, the area won’t be significant drainage and you can leave the area open to the air to dry.

It is best to just take it easy.

Lying in a reclined position for most of the day will help you remain peaceful and calm, along with allowing for the reduction of any swelling that has taken place. Sometimes, swelling can move down into the face, if an upright position is maintained too long.

Use a cold compress (frozen peas work well) every 15-20 minutes to prevent swelling, remembering to stay 1-2 inches from any grafts.

For now, refrain from medication that hasn’t been explicitly approved by your hair transplant doctor and your physician for use the day after. There will be an approved schedule of adding back the use of your prescriptions that will need to be followed, closely. You will also need to refrain from exercise on the first day. Please read all of our FAQ on the Post-operative page for more information.

If you have any questions about post-operative care, please call and we will be happy to speak with you about our procedures and after-care.