Hair Transplant Before and After

Hair Transplant Before and After

David is a recent client of North Atlanta Hair Restoration. As of our interview, he is three days post-procedure, and already loving his new look.

We are speaking over video chat, and David is warm and relaxed. He has taken several days off work so he could rest after his No-shave FUE procedure, but he hasn’t needed much rest.

Instead, he has been relaxing at home and admiring his hair in the mirror. “I look at the results 10 times a day,” he says.

It’s a welcome change for the medical device salesman, who first noticed he was losing his hair about 10 years ago.

Why Have a Hair Transplant?

“One night after an event, I saw a picture of myself where my head was tilted down, and I was horrified.” He shakes his head and continues, “you think you look one way, and sometimes you get a glimpse of what other people see, and it’s not good.”

David’s health and appearance are important to him. As a businessman, it’s crucial he make a positive impression on people.

“I take care for myself. I work out, I take good supplements, I try to get a lot of rest; I want to look and feel as good as I possibly can.”

David considered hair restoration for several years. But something always seemed to pop-up when he got serious about scheduling a procedure. “My daughter needed braces, or the car broke down. There was always something.”

But this March, it was the right time – finally.

Atlanta’s Best Hair Transplant Doctor

Atlanta’s Best Hair Transplant Doctor

David met Dr. Danyo of North Atlanta Hair Restoration several years ago through his work. From what he knew of the practice, he was intrigued.

He was familiar with several hair restoration techniques, and knew he wanted to go with Shave-less FUE.

“This isn’t hair plugs,” David says, “I knew hair restoration had come a long way. Plastic surgeons are amazed by these new techniques.”

David also knew he didn’t want a technician or nurse doing his procedure, he wanted a doctor.

“A lot of hair restoration places, especially the chains, they hire techs to do these procedures. And the techs are good at what they do, don’t get me wrong. If they weren’t good, they wouldn’t hire them. But it’s not the same.”

David figured if he was making the investment, he wanted to have the best of the best performing his transplants.

His consultation was exciting. After so many years, he was thrilled to finally be talking with a professional about his hair. Even so, the appointment exceeded his expectations.

Because David works in the medical field, he frequently interacts with doctors, nurses, and other professionals across disciplines.

“I deal with a lot of doctors and surgeons who are great at what they do, but dealing with them is…not so fun. Dr. Danyo isn’t like that at all. He’s very down to earth, his bedside manner is great.”

Most of all, David was impressed when he realized that Dr. Danyo has had hair restoration services, himself.

“It really made me trust him,” David said. “He told me, ‘I know what you’re going through, and I can help.’”

Not only is Dr. Danyo an expert in hair restoration, he has also been a patient.

He has personal experience with hair loss, and the complex feelings that come with it. That understanding makes him uniquely able to calm worried patients.

As David says: “He walks the talk.”

What is a Hair Transplant Like?

What is a Hair Transplant Like?

The morning of his appointment, David arrived at the office bright and early. Dr. Danyo’s assistant took pictures of David’s head from the front, side and back.

“My hair looked how it always did. Most hair restoration places, they have you get a one-guard buzz before your procedure, so you have this really crazy haircut and everyone can tell you had something done. It’s not like that with Dr. Danyo.”

There is no need for that kind of prep at North Atlanta Hair Restoration. Dr. Danyo performs No-shave FUE; not only does the procedure leave no scarring, it also doesn’t require the client to get their hair cut beforehand.

After photos, it was time to begin the procedure.

Shave-less FUE involves extracting hair follicles from one part of the scalp and reinserting them into the thinning area. David had been a little nervous about pain, but his scalp was numbed, and he didn’t feel a thing.

David recounts, “I was there for 11 hours because my follicles were deeper than normal. But I had movies to watch, good music to listen to. From start to finish, it was just…easy. They really have it down to a science.”

He says they took several breaks throughout the day, including a lunch hour where he chatted with Dr. Danyo and his assistant. It was an unexpectedly pleasant day.

At the end of his appointment, he looked at his hair in a mirror and was shocked by what he saw – already, his hair was fuller.

“I said to Dr. Danyo when we were done, ‘This is one of the happier days of my life, and I’m 55.’ That’s saying something.”

The Results of a Hair Transplant

The Results of a Hair Transplant

When asked about his recovery, David chuckles – indicating there wasn’t much to “recover” from. His biggest hurdle has been using an unfamiliar appliance.

“Part of caring for the grafts is using a hairdryer on the cool setting. It’s been 40 years since I used a hairdryer!” He laughs. His wife helped him maneuver the dryer that morning, and it was the first time she was able to really look at his scalp.

“She said ‘Oh yeah, I can kinda see it.’” He laughs again. His wife is the only person in his family who knew he was getting the procedure, and even she can barely tell.

The day after his No-shave FUE, David went to a graduation party. Dr. Danyo recommended he wear a baseball hat to protect his scalp from the sun, but said he could periodically take it off for a few minutes.

I ask if anyone commented on his hair, and David shakes his head.

“No one noticed a thing,” he confirms. “Of course, so far, it’s a minimal difference. It’s like the seeds have been planted and in the fall, it’ll really come in.”

Consultant with an Atlanta Hair Transplant Doctor

David is only a few days removed from his procedure, but he’s already excited about his results.

“I’m looking forward to looking at my head and seeing density.”

I ask what he’s most excited about, now that he’s completed Shave-less FUE.

“I can’t wait to get my hair cut. I have dreaded getting my hair cut! When you go in and they comb your hair forward? It had been so thin.”

He smiles, picturing the scene. “It won’t be like that now.”

If you are ready to turn the page on hair loss, Dr. Danyo and North Atlanta Hair Restoration can help. Click here to schedule your consultation right now. Upload photos of your hair and meet with Dr. Danyo virtually to discuss your options.