Dr. Daniel Danyo, North Atlanta Hair Restoration Testimonial from Eric in Alpharetta, Georgia

Dr Daniel Danyo and North Atlanta Hair Restoration is located in Cumming, Georgia and provides services to Alpharetta, Georgia the surrounding areas. Dr Daniel Danyo and North Atlanta Hair Restoration is dedicated to providing a full service approach to hair restoration. Dr. Daniel Danyo has serviced over 500 satisfied clients in the Cumming, Georgia area. One our our clients, Eric, who lives in Alpharetta, Georgia has said this:

“The difference from before I went thru the process and now is like night and day. Where 8 months ago I had no hair near my hairline and top of my head, today, I have a full head of hair! The staff was prompt and courteous and the whole process didn’t last long at all. I would recommend North Atlanta Hair Restoration and Dr. Danyo and his team to any person who wants a full head of hair.”
Eric B., Alpharetta, GA

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