Laser Light Therapy


Trying to figure out where to spend your extra money, that’s a fun grown-up problem. Choosing where to go on vacation, that’s a fun grown-up problem. Deciding what to plant in your yard, that’s a fun grown-up problem. Thinking about how to fix your thinning hair, that’s a not-so-fun grown-up problem. Thankfully, we have some great therapies, at North Atlanta Hair Restoration, to help check off at least one problem on your not-fun list. Laser light therapy can be utilized to help you restore your hair follicles to the fullness it once had. There are many benefits to receiving laser light therapy, they can include the following:

  • stopping hair loss in its tracks
  • re-stimulating hair growth
  • reverse damage of chemical concoctions previously used to produce permanent waves for hair

Known as alopecia, hair loss due to age can result in more and more of your hair follicles going in the “resting phase.” Your follicles age along with you, and may even become dormant. Laser light therapy can help repair and restore these follicles and have them producing hair like new again. I may even improve your follicles to the point where they can grow hair much better than before.

You may be thinking that because you’ve subjected your hair to a lot of perms in the past that nothing can undo the damage to your hair. Not only can laser light therapy reverse these effects, but they can help improve the effects of other, possibly less harmful chemicals you currently use for your hair. You may find that products, such as conditioner and shampoo, will work like never before. It doesn’t even have to be limited to those with hair loss due to age. If you have female or male pattern baldness, are a chemotherapy patient, or just lost hair due to a large amount of stress, then laser light therapy can still help you grow the strongest, healthiest hair you’ve ever had.

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