Hair Transplants Done On-Site


Hair Transplants are usually done in one of two places, dedicated surgery rooms on-site at a practice, and ambulatory centers. There are benefits to both, but we have chosen on-site surgery rooms for our practice. We believe that it is the best solution for our patients and staff. Here are some of the benefits our facility provides:

  1. Available for Patient Inspection

    : You can see the exact room in which you will have your procedure. You can schedule a tour of our facility, at your convenience. We are happy to show you our on-site surgery room. It is very comfortable and spa-like, while maintaining the necessary sterility. These types of inspections are more difficult at an ambulatory center, as the exact room will not be assigned until well after your procedure is booked.

  2. Greater Patient Indulgence

    : We are more able to cater to your preferences, while using our own facilities. We have total control over scheduling, since we don’t have to work around a center’s availability. Therefore, we are more able to work around your schedule. Privacy is a big concern for many of our patients. Since we have complete control over the setting, we are in a great position to protect our patient’s privacy.

  3. Greater Procedure Freedom

    : When using an ambulatory center, the room is usually booked for a very specific time-frame, leaving little room for adjustment. Since we completely control the scheduling of our room, we can adjust the treatment plan, if necessary. If we need to take a little more time, we don’t have to worry about vacating the room. We are in control of taking as much time as the case needs.

  4. More Economical

    : When having a procedure at an ambulatory center, someone must pay for the space. Usually, it is the patient that has the cost added to their bill. There is no extra charge for the space when you have a procedure at North Atlanta Hair Restoration. We have transparent pricing and the use of our surgery room is no extra charge.

We believe that once you see our spa-like facility and surgery room, you will agree with our position. We have created a special environment where you can have your procedure in comfort and privacy. We are here to not only restore your hair, but to give you the best experience possible. Book your free consultation now! We look forward to seeing you.