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[row][span12][lazy_load_box effect="slideup" speed="800" delay="200"][hero_unit title="what we do" text="Welcome to North Atlanta Hair Restoration, a premier physician-owned medical practice solely dedicated to treating male and female hair loss. Our medical director and founder, Daniel A. Danyo, MD provides the most-up-to-date medical and surgical techniques for treating hair loss. He joins the ranks of a few physicians in the country specializing in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) who extract and personally place each individual follicle, not a team of technicians. North Atlanta Hair Restoration is also one of the first to offer a “Shave-less FUE” to allow for a quick return to work and social functions, with minimal evidence that a hair transplant was performed. We are dedicated to providing the most natural and permanent hair restoration results with minimal downtime, at a price that you can afford. We are proud to provide hair restoration services for the residents of Alpharetta, Cumming, John's Creek, Lawrenceville, Marietta, Roswell, Suwanee and Atlanta. We welcome clients from all point national and international. " btn_text="more" btn_link="about-us" btn_style="default" btn_size="normal" target="_self" custom_class="info_box"][/lazy_load_box][lazy_load_box effect="fade" speed="800" delay="200"][title_box title="welcome!" subtitle="Hair loss can have a significant effect on ones self-esteem, appearance, and overall wellness. We are dedicated to providing you with a full service approach to all of your hair restoration needs."][/lazy_load_box] [lazy_load_box effect="slideup" speed="800" delay="200"][banner img="https://nahairrestoration.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/dan5.jpeg" banner_link="about-us" title="What We Believe" text="We believe medical decisions should be made between the patient and the physician - not from a sales team.  North Atlanta Hair Restoration is dedicated to providing fair pricing, total physician access and comprehensive medical care." target="_self"][/lazy_load_box][/span12][/row] [row][span12][lazy_load_box effect="slidefromright" speed="800" delay="200"]


How To Sell A Hair Transplant - “Just Be Proficient At What You Do” from Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth on Vimeo.

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Image: Meet Dr. Danyo - North Atlanta Hair Restoration, Alpharatta GAMeet Dr. Danyo

North Atlanta Hair Restoration was founded by Daniel A. Danyo, M.D., a highly trained, experienced, and respected medical doctor located in North Atlanta.

Dr. Danyo brings this passion for the human experience to North Atlanta Hair Restoration and the hair restoration process.

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Male Patients

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Patients That Required Medical And Injection Therapy

[progressbar value="35" type="info" grad_type="vertical" animated="yes"][/lazy_load_box][/span6][span6][lazy_load_box effect="slidefromright" speed="800" delay="900"][hero_unit title="Our Customer Profile" text=" When many think of hair restoration, they assume that it is just for men wanting hair transplant. Today, modern procedures including Platelet Rich Plasma injection therapy and Follicular Unit Extraction offer both men and women solutions to hair loss.”" custom_class="extra profile"][/lazy_load_box][/span6][/row][row][span12][title_box title="Solutions"][recent_posts num="9" type="services" post_format="standard" meta="false" thumb="true" excerpt_count="20" custom_class="list_3"][/span12][/row] [lazy_load_box effect="slideup" speed="800" delay="200"][cherry_fixed_parallax src_poster="north-atlanta-hair-restoration-lobby.jpg" custom_class="cherry_parallax"][row][span12][carousel_owl title="Experience" post_type="experience" posts_count="6" visibility_items="3" thumb="yes" date="no" author="no" comments="no" excerpt_count="15" display_navs="yes" display_pagination="no" custom_class="list_2"][/span12][/row][/cherry_fixed_parallax][/lazy_load_box][row][span6][lazy_load_box effect="slidefromleft" speed="800" delay="200"]

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