Introducing SmartGraft

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SmartGraft is now at North Atlanta Hair Restoration. We are now using the most advanced technique in the world. Never before has the hair restoration community seen anything this amazing. SmartGraft allows for a streamlined process that increases transplantation effectiveness while reducing the procedure time by up to a third. We are the first clinic in the state of Georgia to offer it. We are the first clinic in the world to offer it paired with Shave-less FUE.

Core. Find. Pool. Hold. Secure. Punch. Until now, these are the five steps that made up the best hair transplantation procedure. The doctor, or tech, had to core and later find the follicle, manually pool it and place in a holding solution. Then, when it was time to insert, the follicle had to be secured and then punched into the donor site. But, now we have SmartGraft. We are now able to reduce all of these into two fluid steps.

SmartGraft allows the doctor to core, hold and secure the follicles in one step. The follicles are stored within the device and counted. Then, once the donor site has been prepped, the second step is begun. The follicles are automatically retrieved from the device and implanted. When someone is experiencing hair loss, every follicle becomes precious. During transplant, they are extremely delicate. Every effort is made to ensure that each one is successfully received at the donor site, but there is unavoidably a percentage that can’t withstand the handling that comes with the six-step procedure.

SmartGraft preserves a higher percentage of the follicles, reduces time in the seat for the patient and produces natural, permanent results in less time than any other hair transplant method. We take this a step further and combine it with Shave-less FUE, a highly refined technique that allows for hair transplantation without the need to shave the scalp. We are the first hair restoration clinic in the country to offer this service. If you are ready to take the next step in your hair restoration journey, give us a call and schedule a tour. SmartGraft is waiting for you.