It’s Time to Love Your Hair Again

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Do you remember having good hair days? Of course, there were the bad hair days, too. But, there is nothing that sets the tone for the day like having great hair. There is a certain pep in the step when you know you look fantastic! When that starts to fade, it can feel, well, lame. You don’t have to live with thinning, lack-luster hair.

Great Hair Days Can Be Here Again

The science around hair health has grown by leaps and bounds. A lot of the stigma surrounding hair transplants began when the only choice was between a thinning scalp and those old doll-hair-like hair plugs. Now, the hair that grows in from a transplant is indistinguishable from those that natively grow in, when placed by a qualified surgeon. Hair surgery is also no longer the only answer.

Your Hair…But With Super Powers

Our bodies are remarkable machines. We turn food into energy and heal ourselves when cut. While these feats are amazing, when it comes to turning back the hands of time, our body needs a helping hand. Locked in our bloodstream is a special sauce that can stimulate growth and increase volume. It’s called platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, for short. We withdraw blood and using special machines, extract these super-powered cells. These are then strategically injected into the scalp. Because it is coming from your own body, the risk of serious side-effect is almost non-existent.

Check out our Before and Afters gallery to see some of the fantastic results our patients have seen with our Shave-less FUE hair transplant and our PRP therapy. Then, give us a call, or use our booking app. It’s available 24/7 and you can set up your free consultation anytime of the day or night. It’s time to love your hair again.