KLARA, a New Tool to Safely and Efficiently Communicate with Your Doctor

a female Doctor named Klara holding a Cellphone and a photo of what's on her phone screen

KLARA, a New Tool to Safely and Efficiently Communicate with Your Doctor

by Daniel A. Danyo, MD


Communication with your doctor and their office staff are vital in today’s world for successful outcomes.  Let’s face it, most communicate using a mobile device through texting and email and not by phone, since it accommodates the schedules of both the sender and receiver.  When interacting with a physician’s offices, these modern ways of communicating either don’t exist or if they do, may be placing you and the physician at risk for data breaches and poor documentation.

Like most people, you likely simply do not have the time in your busy schedule to pick up the phone and talk to a doctor’s office or come in for a visit.  On the flip side, the doctor may have difficulty communicating, unless you are seen for an office visit or the doctor is tracked down to talk on the phone.  To make matters worse, many offices have an “iron curtain” to protect the doctor’s time and schedule.

Unfortunately, a simple phone call becomes a waste of time, since the person you want to communicate with is either unavailable or gets back at a time that is not convenient.  Ultimately, frustration sets in and you may feel less connected to your doctor.

Too make matters worse, new regulations have placed severe penalties on doctor’s offices who do not communicate with their patients in a format that protects patient privacy and records it properly into the patient’s electronic medical record.  Traditional email and texting is typically not encrypted to specific standards set by the government and can be challenging to save in the patient’s chart.  As a result, both the patient and the doctor can be at risk for data breaches and failure to comply.  There is a solution – KLARA!

North Atlanta Hair Restoration has recently teamed up with KLARA to make compliant texting and emailing possible with me and my office staff.  It is simple to use, safe and efficient.  KLARA meets the government’s standards for privacy and storage of information.  With KLARA, communication is now back in your control and the information is saved for review on an easy to read timeline.

Learn more about KLARA by going to their website www.klara.com.  We will be happy to assist you with setting up the KLARA portal, which is free and requires less than a minute of your time to activate.

North Atlanta Hair Restoration is excited to expand our patient relationships and honor our patient’s time! We also have a booking app where you can book 24/7 for your free consultation. Now, you don’t have to wait until the office opens, you can book any time of the day or night.