Losing Your Hair? Tricking the Aging Process


Hair follicle stem cells are one of the most metabolically active cells in your body. Just like any tissue or organ, hair is susceptible to the effects of aging and it can be one of the primary reasons for hair loss after age 30.  The signs of hair follicle aging are not limited to graying.

Hair aging is associated with decreased rate of growth, delayed response of stem cells, low pigment expression causing gray hair, decrease in stem cell markers and expression of genes, reduction in hair bulb diameter and decreased rate of growth. This occurs in most after the age of 30,especially in those with any of the above listed variables. The top of the head from the frontal hairline to the crown is most affected, but the sides and back of the head are also susceptible.

This aging process is accompanied with progressive changes leading to decrease in hair density, hair shaft diameter and ultimately hair volume loss. The great news is that modern day medicine is offering treatment options for all ages to combat this aging process.  The activation of stem cells through Platelet Rich Plasma and ACell injection therapy and medical management with laser light are the primary tools used today to combat the inevitable – age related hair loss.