Modern Hair Restoration


Do you ever just stop and appreciate living in modern times? Indoor plumbing, air conditioning, flight, and Netflix come to mind. Of course, we have our problems, but, the twenty-first century has many positives. Fifty years ago, if your hair was thinning, you didn’t have many choices. Most likely, living with it, shaving your head, or a bad hair piece were your only choices. Thankfully, today we have Shave-less FUE and Adipose PRP.

Shave-less FUE

The Shave-less Fue procedure is a cutting-edge hair transplant surgery. Unlike some other types of hair restoration surgery, this one does not leave a linear scar or shaved places on your scalp. Concealment is key to a quick reentry into your social life. The Shave-less FUE allows you to return to work and other activities with minimal downtime. The results are permanent and regrowth typically happens within 12-18 months. Think about where you would like to be this time, next year.

Adipose PRP

Adipose PRP is the latest addition to our hair restoration offerings. While PRP is still relatively new, we’ve offered it for a few years, now. PRP, or Platelet-rich Plasma injections, use the body’s own cells for hair restoration. Your blood is withdrawn and processed. The nutrient-rich cells are then injected into the scalp to promote healing and promote growth. What makes Adipose PRP different? With this new procedure, fat cells are withdrawn and processed. What is withdrawn are adipose derived stem cells. Adipose PRP is showing outstanding progress in improving hair density and reducing fall. Our package includes one Adipose PRP session followed by three classic PRP sessions.

Shave-less FUE + Adipose PRP, Better Together

While both of these procedures can be stand-alone techniques, we recommend combining the two. The Adipose PRP is administered first. Then, the hair transplant is performed. Afterwards, three classic PRP sessions support and strengthen new hair growth. All of these procedures use your body’s own tissues, so there is very low chance of rejection or side effect. Isn’t medical technology wonderful? We’d love to show you what all we can do for you. Call or use our 24/7 booking app to set your free consultation.