New Year's Updates from North Atlanta Hair Restoration (PRP, Liposomal ATP and Hypothermasol & a Shaveless approach for hair transplantation)

Man wearing a yellow hard hat, and a yellow construction gloves

Happy new year to all! The start of the new year is always an excellent time for me as a physician to highlight new and exciting trends in medicine and particularly with hair restoration. There are three important updates that I’m excited about.

First, Platelet Rich Plasma injection therapy, also known as PRP, is becoming an excellent way for people to get more hair volume by thickening up individual hairs and also increasing density. Platelets have growth factors that when concentrated and activated, promotes scalp healing and tissue growth. It is kind of like fertilizing your lawn to promote your grass to grow thicker and more lush. Recently, Good Morning America had a segment on PRP and hair thinning with excellent reviews. I have been using PRP for approximately 2 years on my hair restoration patients and have also seen positive outcomes, with some people getting excellent responses. The great thing about PRP is there is no maintenance other than possible repeat injections. Oftentimes people can get significant growth and improved hair volume/density with one treatment. We are also combining ACell which is a biologic agent used to promote wound healing. ACell when combined with PRP attracts more stem cells into the scalp and increases the effect of the growth factors that are released from the PRP injection therapy.

Second, we are now using a combination of Liposomal ATP and Hypothermasol for our holding solution at the time the transplant and the patients spray it over their transplanted graft for 3 days afterwards. This solution feeds the hair grafts to boost energy supplies and healing. We had seen a dramatic improvement in healing and earlier results. We now used this solution for all of our hair transplant cases.

Third, we are offering a shaveless approach for hair transplantation. It might be a difficult situation for somebody who is a public figure, in a corporate setting or just doesn’t want anyone to know that hair transplant was completed. With our new technique, patients are now able to undergo a hair transplant while concealing that it was done. We find that patients are able to return back to work immediately and resume normal social activities.

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