One Afternoon Could Change Your Hair

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is changing the game is hair restoration technology. Gone are the days of surgery followed by weeks of recuperation and healing. Now if you’ve got viable hair follicles, they can get the boost they need for a thicker, fuller scalp – in one afternoon.

What is it

PRP is a procedure that takes oxygen rich platelets from your blood and puts them where you need them most to maximize your own hair growth.  

There’s no donor, no surgical procedure, no scars or shaved area to try and hide from friends, family and coworkers. No one has to know that you didn’t spend the afternoon at the golf course!

What does it do

PRP uses your body’s stem cells to go straight to the root of your hair follicles and give them a powerful boost. It takes what you already have and gives your hair super growth powers.

With regular PRP most people will see results after just a few sessions. But Dr Danyo utilizes a super concentrated PRP that will have you seeing results in as little as a single afternoon session.

What to expect

When you call North Atlanta Hair Restoration you’ll first schedule a free consultation to meet with Dr Danyo about your hair restoration options. If PRP is right for you, either by itself or as a compliment to one of our many other procedures, we’ll find a date and time that works best with your busy schedule.

You’ll arrive to our spa-like facility and be pampered by our staff. Need a hotel room the night before? We can help. Want an Uber or Lyft to your procedure? We’ve got you covered. Music, snacks and beverages? Yep, we’ll take great care of your every need while you’re our guest.

So are you ready to make a difference in your hair in one relaxing afternoon? Call today to schedule your appointment.