Over 4,500 Follicular Grafts Later, a New Head of Hair — and Restored Confidence


Meet Greg, Young Successful and Losing His Hair


When he was young, Greg took his full head of hair for granted. But sometime around his late 30s, he started to notice it was thinning out.

“The hair loss was primarily on my crown and right in the center,” Greg says.

At first, it wasn’t a big deal. Greg was a tall person, and he didn’t think it was noticeable to anyone shorter than him—which most people were. But over time, the thinning area began to spread and he started to notice it more.

Greg began to be self-conscious about his hair loss—especially when he was sitting down, and his height couldn’t hide the thinning area. He started noticing other men experiencing hair loss as well, and mentally comparing his own thinning hair to theirs.

“It’s human nature to compare yourself to others in a similar situation,” Greg says.

In particular, he was looking for signs that they had undergone a hair restoration procedure.

“A lot of guys don’t talk to each other about their hair loss unless they’re really close friends,” Greg says.

The Thinning Hair Stigma

Because of the stigma, he found it difficult to talk about his hair loss—even with other guys going through the same thing.

Greg noticed that most guys he knew shaved their heads when they started to go bald.

He didn’t like the bald look for himself, so he set about trying other methods to slow his hair loss down.

For over a year, he used Rogaine religiously—but he didn’t notice extensive results.

“There’s so many different gimmicks out there, from Rogaine to vitamins and other things, and I tried a lot of it,” Greg says. “Finally I just decided to do a natural hair graft procedure.”

At first, he wasn’t sure where to start looking for the right person to perform the procedure. Since most guys he knew didn’t talk about their hair loss, he didn’t have a way to get word-of-mouth recommendations.


Metro Atlanta Hair Restoration Doctor

So he chose a practitioner in close proximity to where he lived in Alpharetta —Dr. Daniel A. Danyo.

“This was a while ago, back when Dr. Danyo was just transitioning from pain management to hair restoration,” Greg says. “Still, he seemed really knowledgeable and had a good bedside manner.”

Greg liked that Dr. Danyo had experienced hair loss and had undergone a hair restoration procedure himself. He also liked that Dr. Danyo was trying something new and cutting-edge at the time—Follicular Unit Excision (FUE).

“He was innovative even then, trying new things,” Greg says.

In those days, the most common hair restoration procedure involved surgically removing a strip of skin from the patient’s scalp. Healthy hair follicles would then be harvested from it and implanted into areas where the patient’s hair was thinning.

This method worked, but it was invasive, painful, and had a long recovery time. It also produced a recognizable scar.

The Benefits of Shave-less FUE

By contrast, Dr. Danyo’s new method—FUE—did not require removing a strip of skin. The patient’s hair could be shaved and healthy hair follicles harvested without such invasive surgery, and there was no tell-tale linear scar afterward.

“I liked the FUE procedure, because I was looking for a faster healing time,” Greg says.

He didn’t want to take a lot of time out of work and life to recover.

Greg found that his FUE procedure was easier than he’d anticipated, and the recovery time was not difficult—he was back to work within a few days. New hair grew in at his crown, and he was happy with the way he looked.

But over the years, his hair loss continued to progress—mostly in areas that hadn’t been included in the original graft, such as his hairline. So Greg made another appointment with Dr. Danyo.

Hair restoration can sometimes be an ongoing process. In all, Greg went back to Dr. Danyo three more times, switching from the FUE method to Shave-Less FUE. With this procedure, Greg didn’t have to shave his head, so his hair restoration was even less noticeable.

Each time, Dr. Danyo combined Greg’s treatment with other innovative procedures, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment—in which the patient’s own platelet-rich blood plasma is drawn, separated, and then injected into the scalp to encourage hair growth.


Getting Back to Work Sooner & No One Noticed

And after each procedure, Greg was back to work within a few days, with no one the wiser about his hair restoration surgery.

In total, Greg had approximately 4,500 grafts over the course of several years. 

“Each time I went back, my hair looked better,” Greg says. “Especially after my most recent appointment.”

Dr. Danyo continued to innovate—and whenever Greg returned, he had something new to try. During his most recent procedure, Dr. Danyo augmented Greg’s Shave-Less FUE procedure with PRP and exosome treatment—a stem cell accelerator that strengthens new hair follicles and encourages growth. Greg really noticed the results.

“I always tried to stay on top of my hair loss, and now I’m glad I did,” Greg says. “I’m very happy with the results now.”

Hair Restoration Expectations

Greg cautions other men who might seek out hair restoration treatment to be realistic.

“Some doctors will try to sell you on the best-case scenario, but you’re not going to look like you did when you were 25,” he says. “Your hair texture changes as you age.”

But even so, there is still a great deal to be done to reverse the process of hair loss and attain a more youthful appearance, no matter your age. And one of the most important elements in anyone’s hair restoration journey is finding a doctor you can trust.

“Dr. Danyo is definitely one of the leaders in this business. He’s a true expert, and he’s very passionate about his business,” Greg says. “He’s knowledgeable, friendly, and wants people to feel good about themselves and their hair. He’s very genuine.” 

Greg was also impressed that Dr. Danyo had been through the process himself.

“He’s also a patient, and he’s tried different things on himself—so he has first person experience and he can relate,” he says. “I would absolutely recommend him to anyone experiencing hair loss. I never considered going to another doctor.”

Talk to a Hair Restoration Expert Today 

If you’re experiencing hair loss, it’s never too early to start addressing the problem.

Dr. Daniel A. Danyo has restored healthy, natural hair growth for thousands of patients over the years, performing every graft excision by hand. He is one of a handful of physicians in the world who completes every extraction and places every graft individually on every patient. You don’t need to mention anything about the technicians.

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